Dreamcasting Adaptations #25: Shichinin no samurai


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I had an idea for a 007 Dreamcasting, where you could adapt any 007 movie/book/whatever, but I figured that was more in the realm of Dreamovie, so I decided on something simpler.

Akira Kurosawa's


1) The winner of the last round becomes the moderator of the round, and thus gets to choose the property or story in question to be adapted. Winner has the option of declaring whether this property is to be an animated film, a TV series or a live-action feature. He must also name the core characters to be cast, which should be at least 4, but no more than 9.

2) You may not use actors who have played the role before in the same medium before. Voice talents may not reprise their role, nor can film ones.

3) After ten days, the round is declared closed. People will vote via PM and send it to the moderator, who will count the votes and declare winner. Like the Ultimatization Game, you CANNOT vote for yourself.

4) The winner declared gets to choose the property in the next round.

You must cast....

The Seven Samurai
Kambei Shimada — The leader of the group and the first "recruited" by the villagers, he is a wise but war-weary samurai.
Gorōbei Katayama — The second samurai, recruited by Kambei. He acts as the second in command and helps create the master plan for the village's defense.
Shichirōji — The third samurai. A skilled archer who was once Kambei's deputy. Kambei meets him by chance in the town and he resumes this role.
Heihachi Hayashida — The fourth samurai, recruited by Gorōbei. An amiable though less-skilled samurai whose charm and wit maintain his comrades' good cheer in the face of adversity.
Katsushirō Okamoto — The fifth samurai. A young unblooded samurai from an aristocratic family who wants to be Kambei's disciple.
Kyūzō — The sixth samurai, who initially declined an offer by Kambei to join the group, though he later changes his mind. A serious, stone-faced samurai and a supremely skilled swordsman; Katsushirō is in awe of him.
Kikuchiyo — The seventh member of the group and the only one who is not actually a samurai. A would-be samurai (right down to the false noble birth certificate) who eventually proves his worth. He is mercurial and temperamental. Of all the samurai, he most closely identifies with the villagers and their plight. Always the show-off, his sword is considerably larger than everyone else's.

Gisaku — The village patriarch who tells the villagers to hire samurai to protect themselves.
Yohei — A very timid old man who shares some memorable comic scenes with Kikuchiyo.
Manzō — A farmer who fears for his daughter's purity when surrounded by the dashing samurai.
Shino — Manzō's daughter who falls in love with Katsushirō.
Rikichi — Hotheaded and relatively young, he has a painful secret concerning his wife.


You may adapt this any way you like; animated or live-action. I suppose you could even Americanize it if you aren't familiar with many Asian actors (*cough*MagnificentSeven*cough*).

The round ends....in 2 weeks - June 4 - at 8 o'clock.
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As Kurosawa's Seven Samurai happens to be my favorite movie of all time....I shall compete.

But since I'm not familiar with a lot of Asian actors to play the roles....I may opt to do my own contemporary adaptation of this and not do a Magnificent Seven remake.


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I want to do this as a modern Tarantino-style remake/homage thingy.


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I REALLY REALLY want to do this.

I'm just a total workaholic who hasn't had much time to Dreamcast. Give me Tuesday.


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****, sorry, I forgot about this. I'll extend it to next friday I guess (I'll be out of school then).


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****! I had an idea for this and I totally forgot about it.


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Uh, well the deadline was supposed to be tomorrow....and Ourchair hasn't posted his cast yet. So we have no casts so far....is tomorrow enough time, or should I extend the deadline? Or do you guys just want to move on (anyone else could start a new thread if no one wants to pick up from this)?


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I actually didn't forget this round, as I've been watching Seven Samurai on and off while the system was down at the office earlier this week. I think the crucial elements are:

a) the class disparities between the samurai and the peasants that hire them

b) conflicts against social tradition (as exemplified by Mifune's 'inauthentic' samurai-hood)

c) the inherent threat the samurai themselves pose to the peasants who hire them

d) the almost inextricable roles which society imposes upon the different groups.

Anyway, I'll figure it out soon.


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Victor Von Doom

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This is the first time I've been able tp get to the site in like 2 weeks. And in that time I've had no time to do ANY dreamcasting.

I've been playing catch-up at work during the day and staying late trying to get a grasp on the cluster**** that is my office and their procedures. So my mind's been a lil preoccupied.

I still have an idea....just no chance to flesh it out.

Sigh. I'll try to get some casting done at work...and then find a way to get to the internet to post it. But no promises. :(

God I so wanna do this.


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I would do this but I don't really know how. I would do a Modern version but that is more Dreammovie than Adaptations, Could use american actors but wouldn't feel right, I never really liked the original.

But I thought someone would have done one by now


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I really really promise to have one up.

It's got a sci-fi setting, but you know, isn't actually sci-fi.

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