Dreamcasting Round #4 Justice Like Lightning!


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Aug 3, 2005


The Rules

1) The winner of the last round becomes the moderator of the next round, and is free to choose any property to be cast, whether it is based from comics, videogames, books, cartoons or real world figures. Round moderators may specify a specific medium (TV, film, cartoon, etc) and if he/she fail to specify a medium, then it is open game what medium participants want to play with.

2) When selecting a property for the round, moderators must select an ACTUAL property (ex.— Spider-Man, Mission Impossible, Thundercats, etc.). No generic rounds like "SuperGroup" (ex.— Doom chooses to make an Avengers cast and Ice does an X-Men cast and Bass does an Action Force cast). There needs to be an actual singular property.

3) Like last time---casts should consist of at least 4 characters and a maximum of 9. If you would like to cast an additional character, you must swap one out for another. However, the moderator has the option of leaving blank spots deliberately, with a maximum of 9 (ex.—for example, he or she may declare, Fantastic Four, and at least two bad guys and a Fantastic Friend (like She-Hulk, Power Man). Actors may not reprise their parts at all! Those who have played a character on film or TV may not play the character on voice and vice versa. Simply put, Kevin Conroy cannot put on a Batsuit and Christian Bale is not allowed to voices in your fantasy Batman CG adventure.

4) Once a new round is started---no posting casts for the first 24 hours.

5) When submitting an entry you must at least produce a cast. You can do a pitch if you want, but only a cast is required

6) Each round lasts ten days from the point the moderator posts it, and voting lasts for at least a day and any time past that needed to secure a victory. At the end of the round and voting begins, the mod will divide the submissions into 2 categories: Cast and Pitch. Cast winner wins the round and mods the next round. Pitch winners are allowed to add another property to the pool. When you vote, you must specify what the vote is for (ex.—I vote for Mole's cast and Bass' pitch…or I vote for Proj's cast and Proj's pitch).

You Must Cast:
Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin
Karla Sofen, Moonstone
Robbie Baldwin, Penance
Melissa Gold, Songbird
Mac Gargan, Venom
Chen Lu, Radioactive Man

You May Also Cast:
The heroes the Thunderbolts run against.

Round ends on March 14th.
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Can I cast Doc Samson too?

Edit: I've already got Normy, Songbird, Karla, and Chen cast. The rest are going to be much harder, but I think what I have so far is pretty ****ing golden. The two female roles are actresses I use quite often, and one in a role very similar to what I put her in during an older Dreamcast.
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An adult cast.

Interesting that you chose to mandate Ellis' old Thunderbolts instead of the current roster.
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Christian Slater as Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin

Daryl Hannah as Karla Sofen, Moonstone

Robert Knepper as Bullseye

Casey Affleck as Robbie Baldwin, Penance

Rose McGowan as Melissa Gold, Songbird

Chow Yun-Fat as Chen Lu, Radioactive Man

Ewan McGregor as Mac Gargan, Venom

Mac doesn't get a whole lot of screen time. When he is on the screen, it's as a struggling, nearly incoherent addict. McGregor would draw from his role in Trainspotting for this role. Venom himself would be big, creepy CGI, with McGregor's voice run through a voice distorter.

Alexander Skarsgard as Swordsman

Ech. Withdrew my Mac Gargan casting. I'll come up with something soon.
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Remember folks....no posting your cast for the first 24 hours. Gives other folks a chance to see the posting.

But since we can't take Zombi's cast back at this point, I guess I should just say:

Honestly....the idea of Christian Slater as Norman Osborn would've been a nonstop roflcopter a few years ago. But upon further review (...and thinking about his cancelled NBC series My Own Worst Enemy) I think this casting of Norman is ****ing brilliant!

It makes me question my own Norman casting....

:( Sorry, Doom...

I was originally going to cast Naomi Watts as Moonstone. Yum.
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Almost done with mine. Just a couple more people to cast. I think my 2 favorite casting choices have to be Osborn and Bullseye.........especially Bullseye. It's both inspired and groan-inducing!
So I generally suck at casting since I don't know many actors, but I'm going to give it a try anyway.


Norman Osborn: Tommy lee Jones Okay, I thought of him because when Deodato draws Norman, he looks like Tommy Lee Jones. But the more i thought about it, the more sense it made. Norman would be old enough to be the father of most of the heroes, and Tommy can play serious and crazy.


Moonstone: Charlize Theron Moonstone is beautiful, smart, seductive, manipulative, and crazy. Those all happen to be attributes that Charlize Theron possesses.


Bullseye: Matt Damon MATT DAMON! He beats the crap out of people with pens, rolled up magazines, and text books, be could be the world's best and craziest assassin.


Penance: Anton Yelchin Anton is just super talented. He would make a great Robbie Baldwin.


Songbird: Evangeline Lilly Songbird's character is a lot more likable than the rest of the others. She's not quite good, but she's not an evil psychopath either. Eve is gorgeous and likable, but can still pull off the bad girl stuff.


Venom: Christian Bale He can do crazy, he can do bad***, he flips out on crew members and eats their brains.


Radioactive Man: Daniel Dae Kim Man, I don't know many Asian actors. I didn't want to pick John Cho, just because he's everybody's choice for any Asian role. Daniel Dae Kim is Korean, not Chinese, but he's a talented actor and he'd do a good job.


Swordsman: William Mosely Swordsman is European, arrogant, and knows how to use a sword; William Mosely: European, arrogant, king of Narnia.
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Top: Chris Cooper, Anna Torv, Ben Affleck, Ryan Philippe
Bottom: Rachel McAdams, Jeremy Renner, Collin Chou, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Norman Osborn/Green GoblinChris Cooper – Chris Cooper is one of the most versatile character actors out there. His cold, calculating role in Breach easily matches the tactical Osborn. But Cooper's range can just as easily channel the eccentric and crazy Goblin fits. Chris Cooper whooping it up and just plain having fun as a psychotic, costumed killer in charge of the nation's most powerful evil superheroes is just too awesome to not happen! Just imagine Chris Cooper doing one of Ellis' conceited Osborn rants is what your soul craves and you know it!

Karla Sofen/MoonstoneAnna Torv – I haven't seen a lot of Fringe. But from what I've seen…I like. And one of the things I like is Torv's confidence in the show. If she could be allowed to transfer that confidence portrayed in her semi-straight laced role in Fringe and allow a naughtier, yet still extremely confident side shine thru…then you'd really get an interesting Moonstone.

Bullseye Ben Affleck – Much like Kevin Smith, I'd try to cast Ben Affleck in almost anything. He's one of the best guilty pleasures in cinema! So imagine the sweet, creative irony of having Ben Affleck play the most hated rival of his Daredevil character?!?!? Here's why: Ben Affleck is not a great actor. But then again, Bullseye isn't the deepest character. He's always walking around randomly spouting cheesy phrases and grinning menacingly. Why not allow Ben Affleck to cut loose and have fun chewing up the scene as this cheesy killer? Plus…since Bullseye isn't always a prevalently used character in Thunderbolts…you don't have to worry about Affleck being onscreen all the time. Just the right dose of Affleck.

Robbie Baldwin/PenanceRyan Phillipe – Phillipe is an underrated actor. It's obvious to see why he's not getting big roles and isn't a major player in Hollywood…but what's hard to understand is why he isn't in more stuff. Honestly, I love him in Way of the Gun. Can't get enough! Phillipe has a sympathetic face and his demeanor fits perfectly into the guilty former hero aspect of Robbie. But after seeing him in Way of the Gun, I have no problem believing he can handle the physical reluctant Penance aspect.

Melissa Gold/SongbirdRachel McAdams – Beautiful…powerful…and jaded as all hell for her "demotion", McAdams is a solid actress capable of many roles. But she seems to have the most fun with these extremely fictional characters. A little mix of her Sherlock Holmes character…a touch of her catty character from Family Stone…and a dash of over-the-top from Mean Girls….and you have Songbird.

Mac Garagan/VenomJeremy Renner – Repeated loser and 3rd rate villain looking for just the right break for infamy and the encompassing respect. Renner can perfectly capture the dual roles of Garagan: the reluctant cannibalistic killer…and larger than life monster. The small but key scenes of Renner sitting in the locker room struggling with the internal thoughts of the symbiote trying to make him something he's not…and then unleashing the monster inside. Hooray for character actors!

Chen Lu/Radioactive ManCollin Chou – Radioactive Man is very seldom touched upon character…but from the few scenes we do see of him, he openly acknowledges that he shouldn't be on the group. For that you need an actor who can bring quiet nobility to an outsider like Chen. For that I chose the under-used Chou….better known as Seraph from the Matrix sequels. Not the best casting choice…but still better than a bunch of the more common used Asian actors. Now to see how much long it takes for someone to cast Rain or Stephen Chow or that one big Asian guy from Fast and Furious 1?

Andreas Von Strucker/Swordsman Jonathan Rhys Meyers – Noble villain. Hmmmm….how about the star from Showtimes' critically acclaimed The Tudors? Probably the simplest casting choice I had to make for this.

Edit: Ugh....I really hate the margin/space limitation on these posts. I'm gonna need to come up with a whole new format for my cast pics.
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I have half a mind to make a funny cast again.

But Doom will probably slap me.

You can do a funny cast if you want. I like 'em and it's always interesting to see who you're gonna cast (almost always some combo of Psych/Monk/Eureka).

We all know you don't read comic books with superheroes and tights....except for Umbrella Academy.

It's Doom. He'll find some reason to slap you regardless.

This is true.
Christian Slater as Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin

Daryl Hannah as Karla Sofen, Moonstone

Robert Knepper as Bullseye

Casey Affleck as Robbie Baldwin, Penance

Rose McGowan as Melissa Gold, Songbird

Chow Yun-Fat as Chen Lu, Radioactive Man

Ewan McGregor as Mac Gargan, Venom

Alexander Skarsgard as Swordsman

Hmmm...I'm torn about your cast. There are some choices I absolutely love....and others that I don't agree with (some for personal reasons and some for professional).

Slater as Osborn is indeed inspired. Coupled with the fact that, unlike others casted for Osborn, Slater wouldn't really need a double for the less-dangerous stunts. Slater is able to walk the fine line between the cool and casual, man in charge Osborn and the maniacally hysteric Goblin.......and I can totally see Slater pulling off the Osborn rant when he finally decides to don the costume once again.

Although she was great in Kill Bill, I think Hannah is too old to play Sofen. Well that and I don't think she's talented enough. Sure she's got a long career in Hollywood....but honestly, aside from Splash---I can't think of anything that she's done that I really like.

I think we've seen Knepper casted as Bullseye several times before, and while I don't object to it...I think the casting choice has worn thin on me. The idea of Kneeper donning the black/white doesn't give me chills like it used to. Although I do, in fact, still get goosebumps at the idea of Knepper as Bullseye in that scene from Daredevil where the prison is deathly silent as they roll Bullseye thru the areas chained up like Hannibal Lecter.

I totally agree with Affleck as Penance! I will support the Affleck brothers being cast in almost anything.

Chow Yun Fat's casting seems so generic. But then again, RM is portrayed pretty generically so I can't find any fault in the casting.

MacGregor as Venom is completely wrong. I get what you're going for in the casting....but I honestly don't think he could pull off a recreation of his Trainspotting days if there was a gun to his head.

Your Swordsman casting is great. Despite my personal hate for him and the rest of his True Blood castmates for contributing to the Stupid Sexy Vampire movement, I think he IS a talented actor and would bring the character to life.

So yeah....overall there are some great choices, but I think if I was in charge of the film there'd be several recasting choices.

Norman Osborn: Tommy lee Jones

Moonstone: Charlize Theron

Bullseye: Matt Damon

Penance: Anton Yelchin

Songbird: Evangeline Lilly

Venom: Christian Bale

Radioactive Man: Daniel Dae Kim

Swordsman: William Mosely

On one hand I want to hate you for casting Tommy Lee Jones as Osborn. But on the other hand, that's how he's drawn so it's understandable. I'm still on the fence on whether I like it or not.

I use Theron pretty often in my casting. And with good reason too! She's beautiful and extremely talented...to bad she keeps getting generic pretty roles. But thankfully, every now and then she gets roles like Monster or In the Valley of Elah. I think this would be a good role for her. To play a character like Moonstone who is both beautiful and brilliant (she is a psychatrist afterall) and be able to ham it up with her villainess? Yeah...I could get into that. But she will always be Sue Storm to me.

Matt Damon! Matt Damon? Matt Damon. Matt Damon. Matt Damon? Matt Damon. Matt Damon! Matt Damon. Yeah....that could go on for hours. When looking at my choice for Bullseye, I can't help but want to see them together again running amok Bullseye/Boondock Saints-style. Good Will Hunting indeed. Applesauce *****!

If you were to add about 5 years to Yelchin, then I would totally agree. But for right now I think he's too young to pull off the role. I could buy him as EARLY Speedball....but not the character Robbie is now.

I don't really care for Lily. But then again I don't really care for the cast of Lost period. The only reason why I tolerater Matthew Fox's existence is because of his awesome Racer X and my dream of him playing Murdock in a Daredevil reboot. God I hate Lost.

I am so tired of Bale that it's not even funny. This isn't a knock on your casting choice....but I'm just over Bale. I kid you not...all I want to see Bale in now is comedies. I'm talking a complete shunning of all actions and dramas. A comedic turn like Bana from Funny People is what I want from Bale. That or Broadway musicals. Everyone wants Bale back in a Newsies-like role....they might not admit it...but they want it.

**** Lost! Who gets trapped on a deserted island for years....then gets off....AND ****ING GOES BACK?!?!?! So yeah...I'm a little biased when it comes to Kim.

I don't think I'm feeling your Swordsman casting. I get the reasoning....but I just feel he's wrong for the role.

Norman Osborn/Green GoblinChris Cooper

Karla Sofen/MoonstoneAnna Torv

Bullseye Ben Affleck

Robbie Baldwin/PenanceRyan Phillipe

Melissa Gold/SongbirdRachel McAdams

Mac Garagan/VenomJeremy Renner

Chen Lu/Radioactive ManCollin Chou

Andreas Von Strucker/Swordsman Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Never let it be said that I can't be objective......

I love my choice for Cooper as Osborn. But I honestly love Christian Slater as Osborn more. If only Slater was like 5-7 years older....he'd be 100000% perfect.

Anna Torv as Moonstone is a risky choice. She's not a recognizable face and is fairly untested in terms of handling BIG roles with BIG casts the likes of this.

Ben Affleck as Bullseye is one of the most brilliant and quirky choices for casting Bullseye! I am a genius and you should sit at my feet and gather the pearls that emenate forth from me. Yeah...I just quoted Affleck from Gigli. I mean come on....my reasoning for Affleck is spot-on.

Ryan as Penance is a pretty good choice. Damn good. But if given the opportunity, I'd go with Casey Affleck and watch the 2 Affleck brothers just have a complete ball with it. Ben running wild as a deranged serial killer who can kill you with a paperclip....and Casey as a tormented former hero.

Rachel McAdams is a solid actress....but I don't think I'll ever see her in another role as great as she was in Mean Girls. I mean this. With that said...she still would make a decent choice for Songbird.

The more I think about it...the more I don't like my choice for Renner. Not that he'd do a bad job.....in fact, he'd do a WONDERFUL job. But I think I just don't care for him personally. There's something about him that makes me want to punch him in the face. I'd still cast him in stuff....but as a director, there's not a day that would go by where I wouldn't yell "OK...THAT'S A WRAP! Somebody punch Jeremy for me."

I don't think I'll see a casting choice for Radioactive Man that I'm at least 90% thrillled with. Even my own.

My Von Strucker is just a solid casting choice all around. I don't think you can go wrong with anything he'd do on screen with this role.
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;) Honestly, I feel about the same as you do on my cast, Doom. I pictured Hannah as playing a slightly different Moonstone, amping up the domineering psychiatrist and down the sex appeal. I think I should have gone with Watts though. Knepper and McGregor were both meh last minute choices. As for Chow Yun-Fat, I was kind of proud of that choice. He's an older and generally well respected actor who can do fight scenes when necessary but doesn't really need to, given the character. Plus, dude started as a soap star. I get the feeling he's trying to break out of the kung-fu stereotype roles. As for Skarsgard, yeah, **** True Blood. ;) I cast him based on Generation Kill.
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I figured as much. I mean in terms of vision for characters.

They were only trapped on the island for months before they left.


Semantics. And spoilers be damned...everyone knows they're off and went back. They say so on the bloody commercials.

Man I hate Lost. And I hate True Blood just as much.
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Tsk. It's kind of a shame there's no "pitch" this round. I had an EPIC idea for a new property. It would be great unbridled fanboyish fun.
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Tsk. It's kind of a shame there's no "pitch" this round. I had an EPIC idea for a new property. It would be great unbridled fanboyish fun.

I think you could still do a pitch. I'm trying to think of one now since my cast was done so early.

Just because the team is based on an existing story doesn't mean the story can't be changed.
I think you could still do a pitch. I'm trying to think of one now since my cast was done so early.

Just because the team is based on an existing story doesn't mean the story can't be changed.

Eh.... I have no real ideas. There's little things I might tweak here and there but no real overhaul.

I'll wait until I have a real pitch.

But man, it's a great property.

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