DreamMovie #11: It's A Family Affair


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Feb 28, 2005
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Welcome to DreamMovie#11, folks. I'm gonna shake things up a little with this round. But first...


1. The winner of this round becomes the moderator of the next round and gets to choose the subject for the next round. Winner may also declare whether it is animated or a live-action.

2. You may use actors who have played a role before, but only if you're creating a new plot.

3. After the declared time period, the round will be declared closed and people may vote via PM to the moderator, who will declare a winner. Like the Ultimatization Game, you CANNOT vote for yourself.
And your challenge for this round:

Create a movie that deals with an estranged family.

It can be any genre (drama, comedy, action, horror, whatever you please) as long as it features an estranged nuclear family with representatives from at least three generations (at least 1 grandparent, 1 adult parent, 1 youth). Their exact ages are your decision.

These family members do not get along; I want you to create a movie that tells us why, and how they react to each other's differences.

The rest of the details (who, what, where, when, how) are up to you. The family members can be gangsters, superheroes, ordinary folk, eccentric, filthy rich, dirt poor... really, your imagination is the only limit. It doesn't even have to be set on Earth. And different time periods are always an option.

It can also be a remake, adaptation, or continuation of an existing property, as long as it meets the family criteria.

Really, I'm more interested in your choice of family dynamics, and how it relates to the plot and/or concept of your film.

This round ends on Sunday, May 4, at 11:59PM Eastern time (or sooner, if participation is low).
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Sorry if this is a dumb question but what you mean nuclear? Like mutants or work with nuclear stuff or something else?
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Sorry if this is a dumb question but what you mean nuclear? Like mutants or work with nuclear stuff or something else?

A nuclear family is a household consisting of parents and their children. I think the Simpsons is considered a nuclear family.
Family Unit

Genre : comedy-Drama

Plot : Reality television has always been about watching strangers live with other strangers because it makes the audience feel better about their lives. Now Reality television is about to change forever thanks to the hot young chairman of Z-tv , Ryan Murray.

Ryan Murray is out to prove been the youngest chairman is not a fluke and so comes up with a new concept. Take a family who live together plus other relatives who they have not spoke to years and place them in a house with no phone , no internet , no tv , no contact with the outside world. He calls it , family unit.

The family chosen is the Potter family. The family consists on an under-appreciated mother , A hard working father who never has time for his family , A grumpy teenage daughter who would rather spend time with friends than family and a trouble making younger son who loves to play pranks.

Add to the already distant family an annoying and boring uncle , A crazy grandfather , A grandmother who still thinks it's the 60's and what do you have? A recipe for disaster. Can this family learn to get along for two months to win the $1 million prize money or are they just too different to get along?

Cast :

Ryan Murray – Jay Mohr – This guy has a slime ball quality to him that just makes him perfect to be a young chairman. As well as someone who would try to screw the family out of the prize money with challenges he knows will have them fighting.

[mother] Roseanne Potter – Jamie Lee Curtis – I picked Jamie Lee Curtis for this as she has been in comedy films before and a real look to her that I think matches an under-appreciated mother. The character does all the house work and cooking and just wishes someone would thank her. When the arguments start though she can give as good as she gets.

[Father] Howard Potter – Steven Weber – After seeing him in a few things he is perfect to play a workaholic father. I see this character as someone who wishes he spent time with his family but also has a resentment towards them as they make him work hard to give them nice things.

[Daughter] Brittany Potter – Amy Davidson – She maybe older than a teenager but when has that stopped films and tv? She still looks young enough and if you have seen her on 8 simple rules her character of Kerry the sarcastic and moody daughter is exactly what I want for this film.

[Son] Josh Potter – Dylan Sprouse – This character is late child to early teen. He wants to be treated as an adult but at the same time he really wants to have fun and pull pranks. The character is basically a slightly more mature version of how he played Zack in the suite life.

[Uncle] David Martin – Richard Kind – The brother Roseanne. He is boring and just plain annoying. You know the type, every family has one that really don't want to hang out with but if he starts talking you humour him, If you can't think of one in your family bad news your it. Richard Kind is just perfect in these types of roles.

[Grandfather] Jacob Potter – Christopher Lloyd – The father of Howard. He is nothing like his son. He is more of a free spirit and at times he just seems like a complete nut. His main role is remind Howard that he worked and still had time for kids even if his son finds it hard to understand. He's not spoke to his son in years or seen his grand kids. Lets face it an elderly crazy granddad is just perfect for Christopher Lloyd

[Grandmother] Elizabeth Martin – Beverly D'Angelo – the mother of Roseanne and david. She still acts and dresses like a hippy from the 60's She brings more of an awkward humour to the group as she doesn't own a tv or know what the internet is when the kids start talking about it. She has been in a few comedies even great ones and I think She could handle this charracter with ease.
Term comes from the cold war.

Huh. I always just thought it was like the nucleus of an atom or cell which the rest of the structure is built around.

it's arrested development.


I'm going to do one about a family that has live in mistresses.

And Me.

And Doom.

And probably Planet-Man.

Interesting. Dibs on the white mistress.

Unless you meant....

Oh God.

You are so getting poisoned.
I might do a swiss family robinson meets lost kind of thing with mine. And I like the actors you picked for yours Mole.
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I might do a swiss family robinson meets lost kind of thing with mine. And I like the actors you picked for yours Mole.
I'm going sci fi, most likely.
W00t! As long as you guys follow up on these claims, I think we're heading for a wonderfully diverse contest.

Any other takers? There's still plenty of time to come up with a treatment of your own :D
I hope the lack of activity for this round is due to 'real world' obligations, as opposed to lack of interest.

I admit i've neglected the game somewhat. But at the same time, I can only remind you all so often.

I realize this round may involve a little more brain work than what's been demanded by more specific challenges. But that's precisely what makes this such a potentially fruitful exercise, right?

Let's give this until Wednesday at midnight, Eastern time, to pick up. If nobody else steps up to the challenge, then Mole wins the round by default.

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