DreamMOVIE #4: You're listening to K-Billy. . . (ends Dec.27th)

****. Another Dreamcasting round that I want to do but can't. Just don't lock it and I'll do an entry after vacation.
You better.

I'm putting my cast together for 'El Wray'. It's gonna be excellent. Though it's more of a Rodriguez thing than Tarantino, but I consider it part of his universe.
Alright, I'm going to close the round tomorrow on the 28th instead of today to give any stragglers a last minute shot to get in their entries. The winner will then be announced on the 29th. Come on guys, get those entries posted in.
I'd like to give a shot at something I heard QT talk about on XM radio awhile back... here's a quote:

I have an idea for a Godzilla movie that I've always wanted to do. The whole idea of Godzilla's role in Tokyo,where he's always battling these other monsters,saving humanity time and again--wouldn't Godzilla become God? It would be called Living Under the Rule of Godzilla.This is what society is like when a big ****ing lizard rules your world!

So that's what I'm going to do. Even if it's not in the proverbial mix as set by moonmaster, this is something that Quentin himself wants to do and therefore, it's part of the Tarantino-verse... because the Tarantino-verse pretty much covers anything that would legitimately be in Quentin's sizable head!

So here goes...

I liked my one even if I will not win I still think it would work very well
I don't know, I'm thinking because of the holidays it might have impeded peoples ability to submit. Would anyone object to holding the round open until like the day after New Year's?
Well, I guess we can chalk this round up to my ability to utterly kill threads and/or topics and/or games. Well done Entropy, you make the end all the more horrific.
That sucks. So it's just me and you again, I guess.

no there is also ProjectX2 and you or him will win , So if I was you I would start thinking of what the next one will be
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Yeah, I was hanging back to see if anyone was going to post last minute. Send me your votes and I'll announce the winner later tonight (the 3rd).
no there is also ProjectX2 and you or him will win , So if I was you I would start thinking of what the next one will be

This is Proj's entry:
Inglorious Bastards, Or; Once Upon A Time In Nazi-Occupied France

A band of U.S. soldiers facing death by firing squad for their misdeeds are given a chance to redeem themselves by heading into the perilous no-man's lands of Nazi-occupied France on a suicide mission for the Allies.


Michael Madsen as Babe Buchinsky
Adam Sandler, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Tim Roth, Harvey Keitel and John Travolta in other roles.

That's already a movie that Tarantino is working on, that's the same plot he's using, and that's the same rumored cast list on the film. He didn't really add anything except: "Once Upon A Time In Nazi-Occupied France."

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