DreamMOVIE #8 "Turn That Beat Around. . ."


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May 23, 2005
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Oh, that Entropy. He's not happy unless he's doing things in his own way, all crazy fang-like and full of tomfoolery. Rather than pick a simple property, or franchise, or genre, or something that gives people snuggly soft boundaries to work in, he has to go and throw you up the creek without a paddle. So, without further ado, let's dance right into the heart of this dreamy round. . .


Oh yes, oh yes, it's evil :twisted:. Well, not too evil. In fact, I think this round could be very fun. Make a musical, base a plot on your favorite song, use your favorite album as the soundtrack of the flick, remake a movie where the music is a key element, adapt a work where music is a key element, do a biopic on that musician you think REALLY deserves one, DO ANYTHING as long as it involves music and some way. Get it? Got it? Good. Now, just to get this out of the way since it's required--

THE RHYTHMS (or rules)

1. The winner of this round becomes the moderator of the next round and gets to choose the subject for the next round. Winner may also declare whether it is animated or a live-action.

2. You may use actors who have played a role before, but only if you're creating a new plot.

3. After the declared time period, the round will be declared closed and people may vote via PM to the moderator, who will declare a winner. Like the Ultimatization Game, you CANNOT vote for yourself.

and, as a special rule for this round only

4. You must provide some example of the music you will be using (by, say, citing songs, artists, albums, genres, etc.) and how it figures in to your story.

Alright then, there's the rules, so get to work. I don't have an end-date though, what sounds good for people. March 9th? Let me know.
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So this can be anything as long as it involves music in some way? Wasn't sure if it could be anything or if we have to use our favourite songs for it.
So this can be anything as long as it involves music in some way? Wasn't sure if it could be anything or if we have to use our favourite songs for it.

Yes Mole, that is correct. You could do an intricately plotted, psychological thriller that involves a lost symphony by Beethoven, you could do an arthouse piece that's just a guy walking around Chicago listening to his iPod for an hour and a half while he sees the sights. Your ONLY limit is that music must figure in in some way.
Question Entropy, where you inspired by Across the Universe when you created this round?
World cup of Rock!​

Story : Mathew Keaton is a 35 year old guitar player for the band Sterling Sky. To him nothing is more important than the band. Until he meets Jennifer Fox, She's a successful lawyer who meets Mathew after his band is accused of plagiarizing by another band "The super kings"

Mathew starts to fall in love. For the first time in his life he starts to regret his life choices. He wishes he had finished high school and got a real job. His band members are worried that his head is not in it anymore.

It couldn't have come at a worst time either. Sterling Sky have been chosen to enter a new music competition "The World cup of Rock!" The competition it's self is designed to give new bands who have not had a cd and chance to get discovered.

The competition is run by and judged by 3 legends of rock themselves "Gene Simmons" of Kiss, "Saul Hudson" aka Slash from Guns N' Roses and "Eddie Van Halen" of Van Halen. Sterling Sky know this is going to be the biggest chance they will ever get.

The band it's self is falling apart though. Dylan Martin the bands lead singer is struggling to overcome a drug problem. Tiffani Robertson the drum player and Mark Cannon the Base player have just broken up as Mark had an affair with Tracy Sanders the rhythm guitar player .

The biggest opportunity of their lives and they must first over-come their personal problems to get there. Can they do it or will rival band The super kings win? To make things even worse Tiffani and Tony Silver (the lead guitar player of super kings) start seeing each other!

Who will win the World cup of Rock! And get that all important record contract?

Cast :

Mathew Keaton – Jason David Frank – This part I wrote just for him as it's a cross between his character of A.J in sweet valley high and how he played John Stewart in the fall guy. For this part though he will have to grow his long again like Tommy (I figured I would mention it before someone else did)

Dylan Martin – Rhys Ifans – In the movie Little Nicky he reminded me of David Bowie in Labyrinth. I wanted David Bowie but I figure with David Bowie a) It would be obvious who would win b) He would take away from the movie as people would just think David Bowie, c) David Bowie playing a singer who had drug problems would get people questioning him and I couldn't see it working

So I picked a guy who reminded me of him.

Tiffani Robertson – Eliza Dushku – I wanted the rock chick look plus someone who could play the rage of been cheated on, The turmoil of going out with a rival band member and could be a good actress. It's hard combination but I picked Eliza as she matches all of my needs. She also the youngest of the band members as I wanted the character to not be the same age as she did not grow up with them and also to add an element of she might betray her band.

Mark Cannon – Luke Perry – I need someone who was in essence his Dylan in 90210 but older. He's that man now as he is older. I think his look blends well with the rest of the band too so it makes him believable as a band member.

Tracy Sanders – Teri Hatcher – I love this actress and also think she blends well with the band. The character would be more like her lois crossed with Susan from desperate housewives. So you don't hate her for the affair and she's just one of the guys but still sexy.

Tony Silver – James Van Der Beek – I wanted the super kings to be villains of this story. They are arrogant and will do anything to win. To them it's not about the music but the money. James Van Der Beek I chose as he really can play the ******* and do it well. But he can play the innocent and sweet person as well which I see him using the innocent and sweet persona to try and sleep with Eliza Dushku's character.

Jennifer Fox – Jennifer Aniston – Mainly for the big name but also she's a great actress with a big range to her. I see the character really hating Mathew's lifestyle as she turns her nose up at it but she likes his kind heart. However at the end of the film she's watching the band at the competition cheering them on.

Gene Simmons – Himself

Saul Hudson – Himself

Eddie Van Halen – Himself
I started doing a Beatles movie, appropriately titled The Beatles, but I only got as far as to cast James McAvoy as Paul McCartney. I'm choosing something much more interesting now....

The Highly Fictionalized Musical Autobiopic of Langsta
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This idea is ****ing awesome.

The first idea that pops into my head is a film of the "story-of-the-first-human-clone-concept-album" interpretation of "Kid A".
Dibs on You Got Served II--The Return.

Also known as Step Up To Get Served While Saving The Last Beat Street II : The Electric Boogaloo.

It's a working title.
This idea is ****ing awesome.

The first idea that pops into my head is a film of the "story-of-the-first-human-clone-concept-album" interpretation of "Kid A".

i once had a brilliant manifesto written up of what kid a meant, song by song, for this story. i think its gonna be deleted though, because my computer died again :(
i once had a brilliant manifesto written up of what kid a meant, song by song, for this story. i think its gonna be deleted though, because my computer died again :(
I'm already planning the thing out, and yes, the story will be divided into segments by song, in the order they appear on the album.

It will essentially be a story about the first human clone at 20 years old, searching for the person whom he was cloned from, with an impending, vaguely sketched world war forming the backdrop and eventual climax.

I'll have Zac Efron singing a jaunty tune about drinking deer's blood and peeing in radiators...and the whole time he'll be throwing imaginary dice.

I visited my little cousins this past weekend and they have the High School Musical karaoke game.

You better believe that I sang the hell out of Bet On It.

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