Dusk Vol 1 (Requesting Reviews)


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Jul 19, 2007

I'm the writer/creator of the vampire action/drama comic called Dusk.


I've joined up with the great people at Ambrosia Publishing with their creative mix of online and POD publishing to get my book out.

What I'm humbly asking all of you, is if I could get some feedback on the comic. I’m looking for open, honest critiques that will help me improve and grow as a comic writer.

Thank you for your time,
David Doub

About DUSK
Eve was brainwashed into service by a powerful vampire for her knowledge of occult magics. Saved by the ever stoic vampire, Ash, Eve now struggles to pry herself away from her former life and cope with a dangerous addiction.

DUSK is a series of graphic novels beginning with DUSK: BOUND BY BLOOD, TRAPPED BY FATE Book 1. The online serialization for DUSK Book 1 begins June 4th and will wrap up and be published in winter 2007.

About Ambrosia Publishing
Ambrosia Publishing is a publisher of unique and bold works in the horror, fantasy, weird fiction, giallo, pulp, and sci-fi genres for children, teens, and adults.

By blending digital and web technologies with the traditional publishing model, all of the titles available from Ambrosia Publishing are available to everyone at anytime at an affordable price.

All of our titles are available online (as an online serialization and then as a digital download for a variety of portable devices and computers once the online serialization is complete) as well as at your local comic book store and book store.

I gave this a read through.

While the story itself is something old, the vampires, and the one that slays them, it does offer some new viewpoints through it.

One of the characters in the story has become a vampire, but doesn't realize it. He kills his best friend, then returns home to his wife, not knowing what is happening to him.

The whole girl addicted to vampire blood thing has been done before. To me, it's obvious the male vamp is using her to kill his enemies, though I may be wrong on that front. He seemed to give up to easily when she wanted to stay instead of taking his offer the leave.

But otherwise, it is a decent story, the opening arc did a good job introducing the main character.

NOw read Blairwood in the Fan Fic section
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