Elseworlds Game, Round One


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Jan 31, 2006
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So we're going to try out a new game here, a riff on the old Ultimization game, really. The setup is similar. The moderator for the round sets up a premise, and each contestant will try to conceptualize this theme in the most creative way.

The winner of the previous round will determine the theme and become the moderator of the next round, and the moderator cannot compete in the theme they determine.

And the first theme is...

Spider-Man in The French Revolution

Normally the round would last a week, but that would have it end at the strike of midnight on New Year's Eve, and I doubt my brain will be functioning until at least a day after that, so the expiration date for entries will be midnight on the 3rd of January. That's a Thursday. Good luck, folks.
These are the characters I'm using. I'll make a story out of it somehow.

L'Araignée: The Spider
>Pierre Perrault/The Spider - Peter Parker/Spider-Man
>Marie-Jeanne Weygand - Mary-Jane Watson
>Otto Lilienthal/The Glider King - Norman Osborn/Green Goblin
>Olivier Ockley/La Pieuvre - Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus
>Louis XV - The King of France
>Aunt Maude Rothschild-Perrault - Aunt May Reilly-Parker
>Uncle Bernard Perrault - Uncle Ben Parker
>Benoit Laroche/L'Araignée Rouge - Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider
>Jean-Luc Picard/Le Lézard - Curt Conners/The Lizard
>Jean Jacques Jetter - J. Jonah Jameson
>Jean Henri Fabre - Famous etymologist known for his study of insects
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I've thought long and hard about this and I've got...

Nothing. Sorry. Spidey just doesn't work for me in this context. Daredevil could be all over this, but Spider-Man just doesn't fit. I'll try again next round.
Alright, Pierre Perrault is the son of a famous dude who fought as a secret agent under Louis XV during the French Revolution. It's the 1800s now. Something something, something.

Pierre lives with his Aunt Maude and Uncle Bernard. Both are cheese salesmen. Pierre's parents are dead. Marie-Jeanne Weygand is his girlfriend. Yadah-yadah, Pierre meets a famous German aviator named Otto Lilienthal who shares Pierre's love for adventure. Otto takes Pierre under his wing (pun intended) and they both seemingly die during a flight test.

A dying Pierre is taken to a lab by Jean Henri Fabre, a famous etymologist and insect-studier, who patches Pierre up and infuses his DNA with that of a spider (uh, it's "the only way" to save Pierre). Pierre wakes up and discovers that he has some awesome spider powers.

Pierre returns home to find his Uncle Bernard dead, killed by a mysterious dude. It's Otto, his old teacher, who survived the crash, albeit with ugly facial scars. Otto blames Pierre for his disfigured condition. Something something, something.

Pierre uses his spider powers to ward off Otto and save his Aunt Maude. He goes back to Jean Henri Fabre's lab and asks him about his condition. Jean Henri reveals that he has been "watching" Pierre for sometime and was "old friends" with Pierre's father.

It is eventually revealed that Pierre's father worked with Jean Henri to create clones of the infant Pierre in case something bad should happen, or something. Only then is it revealed that Jean Henri is in fact a clone of Pierre's father, and that Pierre's father's consciousness was transferred to Jean Henri's mind shortly before Pierre's father's death. Pierre's father instructed Jean Henri to watch over Pierre.

One of Pierre's clones appears, Benoit Laroche. Laroche was raised by Jean Henri with hybrid Pierre-arachnid DNA and possesses even greater spider-powers than Pierre.

Olivier Ockley was another old friend of Pierre's father. In fact, he, Pierre's father, and Jean Henri were once three scientist buddies who developed the clone formula from spider DNA. However, Ockley and Pierre's father had a falling out, leading Ockley to forever despise Pierre's father and his family. Ockley sought to duplicate the clone formula and make it better, using it for his own evil bidding. Something goes wrong with something and he somehow gets four tentacles attached to him. Yeah.

Finally, it is revealed that Pierre himself was born with some spider DNA, his father and Jean Henri both being obsessed with creating the "perfect" being. Pierre's spider powers were latent (Benoit's powers were only greater than Pierre's because Benoit had a faster growth rate, being a clone), and the crash may have just triggered his powers. Jean Henri admits to Pierre that he is getting old and cannot go on for much longer. Shortly thereafter, he is killed by Olivier Ockley, who has returned to "finish the job." Pierre and Benoit escape the lab alive.

Marie-Jeanne Weygand is kidnaped by Otto Lilienthal, who is now calling himself "the Glider King," and has developed a new form of aircraft that releases the effects of gravity on itself to allow hoovering. Pierre and Benoit defeat Lilienthal, tag-team style.

So basically Pierre discovers that his daddy was part of some huge secret cult of middle-aged scientist men. The Cult of the Spider. A bunch of them got jealous of Pierre's father's accomplishments in the field of science. So on the anniversary of Pierre's father's death, a bunch of super-powered crazies come to kill Pierre to avenge themselves.

Also, in this universe, Electro is a former student of Nikola Tesla's. And the Madame Webb in this universe is the Crimson King from Stephen King's The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born (although it's not in continuity with regular Marvel universe, I'm pretty sure The Gunslinger Born is published by Marvel).
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I would have done this but I don't know enough about the The French Revolution to compete But this is a cool idea and I'm looking forward to other rounds though
;) Really? I figured it would be an easy one.

Spider-Man should translate pretty well into a Scarlet Pimpernel type hero, right?

Also, you're right Entropy. I was just drunk and stupid. I'm gonna give this until midnight on the seventh (through Monday)
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Once, there was a comet that drifted extremely close to the atmosphere. Cosmic radiation had saturated it so much, that even the littlest amount would cause someone to mutate. The comet that drifted close splintered, part of it's stones rained down in the atmosphere and landed in several places. A spider made it's nest next to one several centuries later. This spider became imbued with energy, and when a young errand boy found it in the morning, it bit him, and promptly died. The young boy, Pierre Parnell, he became super strong, super agile, could stick to walls, produce web from his wrists, and possessed a spider sense. Donning a costume made of Red, he became the....
Red Spider

The story will feature Pierre as a young errand boy for the King, King Louis. King Louis will be the Norman Osborn of this story, with the Revolution happening when Red Spider, and King Louis have there final fight. For character growth, as well as more than simply one villian, other characters will be introduced before the final showdown betwen Pierre and the King. The Comet pieces will be used as a catalyst for powers, King Louis becomes insane, and more like a monster when he finds his own comet piece, and he earns the nickname, King Goblin, the advisor to the throne, Octavius, will use his pieces in experimentations, and earn the nickname Doctor. This, of course will backfire on him, and in a result, he becomes part human, part Octopus. Curt Cornings, Pierre's teacher in the way of swordplay and a Musketeer, becomes one of the Doctor's experiments, and becomes fused with a Lizard, and Pierre must calm him down and defeat him before Curt kills Pierre. Other minor cameos will be seen, as a Daredevil acrobat helps out Pierre in one Mission, King Louis makes a deal with the Criminal Mastermind of Italy, the Godfather Kingpin of crime there in one storyline. This whole story will end, as I mention before, with the battle on the steps of the castle, where Pierre faces off against a transformed King Louis, now resembling the malovent force he always was inside, and Pierre wins the battle, igniting the French Revolution.
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Anyone else got an idea, or should we close this, get to the voting, and push to the next round?
Yeah. It's over. For sure.

I'll give the rest of you, oh, two or three days to vote on the two entries.

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