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Sep 15, 2004
The nominees have been announced.

Here are my choices for my the main categories:

Lead Actor Comedy
Larry David. He deserves it the most.

Lead Actress Comedy
Amy Poehler. Give it to her!

Lead Actor Drama
Bryan Cranston. He's already got two of these. He is unstoppable.

Lead Actress Drama
I don't actually watch any of these... yet.

Comedy Series
Community and Parks and Recreation should be there instead of 30 Rock and The Office. The Seinfeld reunion in Curb Your Enthusiasm was fantastic but Modern Family was a delightful surprise.

Drama Series
Breaking Bad. Obviously. **** you if you don't watch it.

Comedy Cast
Modern Family.

Drama Cast
This is where Lost should be nominated... I guess I'll go with Dexter.

Guest Actor Drama
John Lithgow. He must win this.

Guest Actress Drama
Elizabeth Mitchell.

Supporting Actor Comedy
Ty Burrell because everything he says is funny.

Supporting Actor Drama
I think this is the toughest category... I can't choose between Aaron Paul and Terry O'Quinn. Both were fantastic.

Supporting Actress Comedy
What the ****, where is Allison Brie? Jane Lynch.

Have these people heard of Community? Justified?
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Things I'm happy about:

Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton finally getting nominated for FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.

Amy Poehler getting nominated for PARKS AND RECREATION.

Matthew Fox for LOST.

Lea Michele and Chris Colfer for GLEE.

Jack Bender for directing LOST.

Michael Giacchino for scoring LOST.

Damon and Carlton for writing LOST.

Conan O'Brien and his THE TONIGHT SHOW.

H. Jon Benjamin for voicing ARCHER.

Elizabeth Mitchell for LOST.

Mike O'Malley for GLEE.

And a bunch of others I can't remember right now.

Also, I love that FAMILY GUY is nominated for a song called "Down's Syndrome Girl" (which was actually one of their better songs in years).

Things I'm upset about:

No love for PARTY DOWN, CHUCK, JUSTIFIED, COMMUNITY, and for the most part, PARKS AND RECREATION. Arrgh.
Comedy Series
Community and Parks and Recreation should be there instead of 30 Rock and The Office.

I completely agree. I love The Office - it's one of my favorite shows ever - but it was off this year. Parks and Recreation is so hilariously good.
I think Dexter easily deserves it over the last season of Lost, but Lost or Breaking Bad(which I don't watch yet, but have been excited to since it premiered) will win.

I haven't seen this year's season of The Office yet, but it's my favourite show. People have been telling me each season "actually kind of sucks" since the end of season three and I've still loved them all. Hope this year'll be the same. Modern Family is a brilliant, wonderful show though and I hope it wins whatever it can.

Screw 30 Rock overall.

Lithgow for guest, easily. O'Quinn for supporting.

There's a lot of great stuff going for Lead Dramatic Actor, but I'd love it if Kyle Chandler won simply because I love Early Edition and it would be a great tie-in to Fisher Stevens winning an Oscar this year(for The Cove).
Can't find it there, but Psych has a nomination for Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Original Dramatic Score) for the episode "Mr. Yin Presents".

HUZZAH!!! :rockon:
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Michael Giacchino will win that award. ;)
That is a given as you, Proj, and myself know. I don't expect them to win (the competition.... come on!), I'm just excited that the show got a nom from the Emmys! Usually shows like these only get nominated from the 'lesser known' awards people.
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I really hope PARKS AND RECREATIONS wins for Best Theme Music.


But seriously, the real, longer version is so good!


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