EMPIRE cover by Bryan Hitch

Fuzzy Birds

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Have a gander at this; Hitchy's done a cover for a comic-movie oriented issue of the British film magazine Empire. I used to collect it.


If you go to www.empire.com you can download it as a wallpaper...

Victor Von Doom

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Yeah, he's done better.

It's like he's on autopilot there. It's just a bunch of heroes in promotional poses that we've seen before super-imposed ontop another and given a sketch look.

Anyone with moderate skills in photoshop could've done the same thing and altered the finish to "sketchbook" and colored.

Just not his best work.

Ultimate MJ

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Its ok, but like VVD said, not his best.

Is is cool to see Hitch doing a more Granov-style 616-Iron Man.

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