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Jan 31, 2006
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Holy ****. How come no one's talking about this?


or this?


or, God Almighty! This!


Yeah. That's a zombified Monstro carrying a rotting, smog belching Magic Kingdom on his back. Or maybe over his shoulder. But I like to think he's carrying it on his back.

It's directed by the guy who did Thief and Deus Ex. Oh yeah, and here's the description for it. "We've also been told that it'll be based around very old and/or forgotten Disney characters who are out to get their revenge on Mickey, presumably because they're jealous of all his fame and fortune."
Mickey was turned epic already by the Kingdom Hearts series.

Not to say this doesn't look awesome.
Some links with information and other pics. OH GOD EVIL COUNTRY BEAR! GOOFY WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU!




I've just realized how brilliant that Monstro picture is. It's not just a horrifying paralell to Steamboat willie. It's a demonstration of the best way to bring about the Disney End Times: steal Disneyworld.

I'm hoping this isn't a hamhanded attempt to make Disney darker and edgier, like that Shadow the Hedgehog game. While it's obviously going to be darker then the norm, I hope Mickey's character stays intact.
Anyway, it's coming out for Wii, and an important element of the game is using the controller to draw on the setting. I just hope the in-character designs match up to the concept art. It's so beautiful.
Yeah, if the gameplay is half as good as the art we're seeing, it'd be a shame if some Disney executive decided, "Hmm, this is a bit dark. Let's throw in some JONAS BROTHERS!"

...actually, robot zombie Jonas brothers would be pretty awesome.
Even though they're just fan theories at the moment, I feel the need to point this out: since it seems old forgotten Disney characters will be the villains, people are guessing that these guys will be the forerunners in the game.



Note that Oswald actually made a blink-and-you-miss-it appearance in one of the pieces of concept art.

Also, since someone would have made this joke, I'm going to do it now and save us the trouble.

I hope Monstro isn't so much zombified as just roughened, worse for the wear.

Yeah, that'd probably fit the "forgotten" theme better.

Actually, looking at this and old images of the whale, this doesn't look much like Monstro. Heck, I think it might be a narwhal.
Yeah, that'd probably fit the "forgotten" theme better.

Actually, looking at this and old images of the whale, this doesn't look much like Monstro. Heck, I think it might be a narwhal.

The tusk is suspicious, but it could be stuck on there.

I remember seeing a Disney short once with this famous whale who could sing in three keys and the flamboyant whale hunter who wants to nab him. He does, with a giant harpoon. The end.

Maybe it's him.
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Game Informer is doing their main article on this for the November issue, with interwiews with Marc Spector and other goodies.



That is one hell of a cover. Seeing Disney's creations in this horrible, perverted state really motivates me to take Phantom Blot or whoever is behind this down. Here's hoping the gameplay and other things can match up to the incredible art.
What do you guys think this will be rated?

This is the synopsis:
Wiki said:
The antagonists of Epic Mickey are the largely old and obscure Disney elements, including theme park rides and older cartoons. Having been forgotten, they are now trapped in a "forgotten world of broken machines and bitter personalities." Running this world is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, one of Walt Disney's first creations, who has become jealous of Mickey Mouse and is seeking revenge. Oswald sends the Phantom Blot to the Disney universe, and it soon covers the world with black ink, causing the colors to run. Using a variety of artist tools, Mickey must return the Disney world to its former glory.

How ****ing awesome is that??
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