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Apr 14, 2005
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Has anyone seen this manga out there? I read a couple chapters of it this morning, it's a typical sports manga, but I like the art, very Prince of Tennis style.

Anyways it starts with a freshman bicycler who is trying out for the varsity team at his high school. He's the son of a pro of course who was killed during the Tour de France in a freak bike accident. Personally I think the father is the janitor of the high school, keeps giving the kid advice.

Anyways, the main characters name is Keitaro Aki, whose overconfidence in his abilities is what keep him from being great. Never the less he gets second place in the overall school championship run, losing to some kid with the coolest mohawk I've ever seen. They haven't named the guy yet though.

The first chapter ended with the appearance of a rival school, challenging mohawk and Keitaro to a race.
I think I've seen an episode of this when I was searching through one of those random anime blogs... I remember clicking on it because of the weird title and wondering what it was. I've never seen so much insane bike action. It was like a weird version of Beyblades.

Needless to say, I stopped watching ten minutes in.
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So the newest one was put up, it has Keitaro and Mohawk dude racing this new school. They are on street bikes while the new school are on mountain bikes. So predictably the course goes from street to offroad, and now the two bikers need to figure out how to get speed on their street bikes on rocky terrain.

Meanwhile they introduce a new racer, Missus Y. She seems to be waiting for the Mohawk Guy.

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