Event Ultimization: Round One


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Jan 31, 2006
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Okay, so here's the thread for round one of the Event Ultimization Game. It's basically going to follow the same rules as the old Ultimization Game, but since it's been a while, let me go ahead and repeat those.

I'll start by naming an event from the 616 Marvel Universe, along with all the relevent information, and everyone who wants to compete has a week to provide their own Ultimization of that event (In this case, You have until midnight EST, next Monday). Afterwards, everyone involved needs to PM me with a vote for one of the submissions other than their own.... And while we're at it, can someone who was involved in the last game clarify? Is it only people who make submissions that get a vote, or anyone in the forum?

Either way, use this thread only to post submissions, and use the main Event Ultimization thread to discuss them. The winner of this round will set the stage for the next round.

I decided to go with something topical for the first Ultimization. Bendis is neck deep in the middle of the Clone Saga right now, which is dealing extensively with Carnage. So I decided to go with what's generally considered (along with the Clone Saga) to be one of the most asinine stories in Spider-Man's history. It's also the last major storyline preceding The Clone Saga in the 616 Universe, and features Carnage prominently. That's right folks. I'm talking about Maximum Carnage. Here's the low-down.

Background: A twelve-part storyline in 1993 that spanned most of the Spider-Man books. At this point in Spidey history, Venom has been around a good five years. Carnage has just appeared a few months ago, after Venom gives birth to a new symbiote in prison and it attaches to serial killer Cletus Cassidy. Peter and MJ are married and facing rocky shoals. Harry Osborne has died after going insane in the previous arc. In Carnage's first appearance, Venom and Spider-Man team up to defeat him, painting Eddie Brock as a good guy, and setting up those Venom minis that would pop up in the following years.

Plot Summary: It's a relatively stupid plot. Carnage breaks out of jail and decides he's going to exact revenge on Spider-Man and Venom for defeating him in the first place. He starts wreaking havoc on New York City and, in the meantime, builds a surrogate family of super-villains. Spider-Man keeps running into Carnage and his family, brawling with them, and enlisting a ridiculously large cadre of super-heroes to help him. Meanwhile, everyone in New York City is rioting,, because Shriek's mojo lets her make bad vibrations. In the end, the huge group of superheroes ends up defeating the bad guys (on the top of the Statue of Liberty, I believe)

Primary Characters: Spider-Man, Venom, Carnage

Supporting Villains: Shriek, Carrion, Doppelganger, Demogoblin

Supporting Heroes: Cloak and Dagger, Iron Fist, Black Cat, Captain America, Morbius, Deathlok, Nigh****ch, Firestar, The Fantastic Four (briefly)

Major Events: Dagger dies (and comes back), Spider-Man's tenuous relationship with Mary Jane is paralleled to Carnage's disturbingly harmonious partnership with Shriek and his extended family, Spidey becomes disillusioned when he realizes everyone in the city's lost their humanity in the rioting, Spider-Man and Venom work together...

So, it's a hard one, and sorry about that. Feel free to excise characters as need be (particularly since a lot of them haven't been Ultimized yet). The point is to take a pretty lame plot that took a huge chunk out of the Spidey Universe and spin it into an interesting idea for the Ultimate Universe. Since we're right smack dab in the middle of Bendis' Clone Saga plot, feel free to place the events either before the Clone Saga starts, where it's at now, or presuppose what happens in the Saga and make it take place afterwards.

Good luck.
And while we're at it, can someone who was involved in the last game clarify? Is it only people who make submissions that get a vote, or anyone in the forum?
In the last game, anyone in the forum could vote, not just the players. Several people who didn't participate at all, or who participated as time permitted, voted in each round.
It's kind of crappy, and is actually a rehashed fanfic idea, but I think it would fit perfectly with Bendis' lackluster USM series:

Ultimate Maximum Carnage

This would be an arc in Ultimate Spider-Man, probably after Hobgoblin.

It would start with a flashback. Ben Reilly, working in a new lab (since he was kicked out of Connor’s lab), is interrupted by the weak form of Eddie Brock. The two have had interactions before, as they are both student’s of Connor’s. Ben helps Eddie to a bed, and watches as he falls asleep. Black slime oozes around Eddie’s body, and Ben takes some samples.

It would then cut to a few weeks later, when Eddie has obviously disappeared again, and Ben has begun working on a new experiment. Combining the Parker blood sample with the black ooze (and perhaps a few strands of Connor’s DNA), he has recreated the “Little Ben” creature. This time he plans to keep it under control.

Unfortunately, this does not happen. A serial killer (Cletus Kassady), being chased by the police, breaks into the lab when Ben is away. He accidentally breaks the test tube and the Carnage symbiote attaches itself to him. He is overwhelmed by the symbiote, and when cops enter the lab, he quickly kills them. Not knowing how to control this new power, he leaves.

Ben comes back the next morning, finds his lab in a mess, and panics. He arrives at Riker’s Prison, where he visits Curt Connors. Ben tells him what has happened, and Curt gives him a name and an address: Peter Parker’s house.

Ben arrives at Peter’s house (luckily while May’s not home), and confronts Peter. He tells him he knows that he’s Spider-Man (Peter mocks, “Who doesn’t?”) and what has happened. Before they can come up with a plan of action, Carnage, caught up with strange feelings and emotions, and wondering why Peter Parker is caught up in his thoughts, attacks.

Peter fights Carnage, and destroys some of the furniture in the house. Ben grabs a piece of wood and tries to help. Eventually, a fire accidentally starts, which seems to harm Carnage. The fire alarm then goes off, emitting a harsh siren throughout the house. This seems to separate the symbiote from Cletus, and Peter quickly knocks him out. The symbiote disappears, while Ben calls the cops.

Ben leaves, and when the cops arrive, Peter comes up with a cover story. May arrives and is happy to see Peter is not hurt. Later that night, Peter dresses up as Spider-Man, and goes out into the city.

Meanwhile, Eddie Brock, alone in an alleyway, is confronted by the Carnage symbiote, which has taken human form. Carnage tells Eddie they should merge, and become more powerful. Eddie declines, and Carnage attacks him. Eddie turns into Venom and the two fight, attracting Spider-Man. Spider-Man and Venom team up against Carnage, and manage to defeat it by electrocuting it with the power cords. Peter tries to talk to Eddie, but finds that he is gone.

The arc finishes with an epilogue, with Cletus in prison, and being approached by Carnage, wanting a second chance…

Throughout the story there would be subplots such as Peter worrying about what could happen to Mary-Jane, as Gwen died the last time Carnage was around.
Wow, I just discovered this... what happened to it?
Have people just lost interest in this game or what? I think it looks interesting. And I think we should give it another try.

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