Every loose end from DC's Arrowverse


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Aug 1, 2014
Just compiling a list for future reference sake.
(This EXCLUSIVELY includes the shows: Arrow, The Flash, Constantine, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning and Batwoman.)

The ones I can recall as of right now (in chronological / show order):
1.) Is Saracon, the second son of Malcom Merlyn, alive after swearing revenge against his father?
2.) Was Lyla Michaels able to prosecute Senator Cray after his murderous plot was forgiven by the late Amanda Waller?
3.) Why was Dinah Drake sent to 2040 with her recorded history wiped clean from decades prior?
4.) Who was responsible for William Clayton's kidnapping and JJ Diggle's pre-Crisis memories being restored in 2040? How did they obtain the Martian memory ring and how does the Hozen arrowhead and Berlin relate to them?
5.) How did Tommy Meryln's survival affect Arrow's events following season 1 on Earth-Prime (and the gang assault that Oliver had to prevent concurrently, which made him arrive too late to save Tommy; according to the tie-in comic)? Plus the post-Crisis timeline paradoxes that also arose from the creation of Earth-Prime.
6.) How did Emiko Queen survive the events of Arrow's 7th season on Earth-Prime? Does her survival in the new timeline imply the complete destruction of the Ninth Circle organization and their final members?
7.) What caused Deathbolt's meta-human gene to activate if not the particle accelerator?
8.) What occurred during John Constantine and his team's fight against the Rising Darkness between the events of his NBC television series and Legends of Tomorrow?
9.) Why was it necessary for Brainiac 5 ("Brainy") to rejoin with the "Big Brain" in the 31st century?
10.) Who was the "Anointed One" who lead the small group of Jarhanpurians who landed on Earth over a million years ago?
11.) Will the Legends be freed from the Time Police?
12.) Is Brandon Marshall the illegitimate child of Markovian royalty?
13.) How did Odell escape prison? Does Painkiller ever put an end to his threat plus the Shadow Board that Odell is a part of?
14.) What are the whereabouts of Bruce Wayne? Did he really kill the Joker and if so, why does the public still consider him alive in Arkham?
15.) Why was Julia Pennyworth sent to Berlin by Enigma? Is Julia still alive?
16.) Who was Ryan Wilder's biological father? Why was Jada Jet so adamant to keep it a secret?
17.) Who was the skeletal figure that arose and killed the reporters after Marquis Joker's acid blimp explosion in Amusement Mile?

BONUS (from the Earth-Prime tie-in comics):
18.) How did David Reid obtain Magog's power? Also, how was he able to breach into the old multiverse's timeline to obtain evil Superman (seen in Superman & Lois)?

Any others?
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Notice how most of these are from Arrow. As if they really hedged their bets on GA & the Canaries getting picked up in 2020...then that fell through.

The writers for these shows apparently didn't have the foresight to know they were doomed and set up cliffhangers anyways (Batwoman, Constantine and Legends) or just wanted a spin-off that was asking far too much from this continuity's lifespan (Arrow and Black Lightning).
BONUS (from the Earth-Prime tie-in comics):
16.) How did David Reid obtain Magog's power? Also, how was he able to breach into the old multiverse's timeline to obtain evil Superman (seen in Superman & Lois)?
Yeah, that's actually quite really good point. I guess that means that destroyed worlds still exist somewhere in a time before their total destruction. How, though? That isn't clear.
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I guess was the "Anointed One" from Supergirl a loose end? They sorta implied it was a time jumping Lex Luthor using Nyxly's voice, and maybe Nyxly herself pre-Crisis, in the final season but I don't think that was ever confirmed. (They DID confirm in the penultimate episode that the Omegahedron device from season 1 was destroyed "near Fort Rozz" in the Earth Prime timeline. So Maxwell Lord never got that ambition to continue his bigotry - so his story and redemption was maintained. You can scratch that and Max Lord off from that list.)

In regards to things like "What did Lala do once he was free from his cement prison"- that doesn't matter because the obvious outcome will be another gang war that the Freeland heroes will need to stop.
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