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Jun 16, 2004
Philadelphia, PA
Fable was one of those innovative games that had a lot of potential, but ended up disappointing a lot of people... Me, on the other hand, liked it despite it's length and options.

Now, there is Fable 2 to look forward to.

Here's a trailer! http://xbox360.ign.com/objects/741/741361.html

The game is for 360... And it looks gorgeous. I am considering buying the system just so that I can play this game for hours on end! :) This should be a good one.
This game looks like it's got a load more options - guns, different distinctions of heroes and villains, and it seems like a much larger world than before. Can anyone spell out perfect game? :)
I'll get this

I actually loved the first one. it's one of the few rpg games i like. The fact ou become good or evil because of your actions was one of the reasons i got the first as that idea reminded me of KOTOR my fave game ever.

How ever what i also loved on the first one was the little things that most games dont have e.g dink alot of beer and your character gets drunk. Eat alot and he gets fat ect....

now you said "guns, different distinctions of heroes and villains, and it seems like a much larger world" OMG that is damn good addtions. I hope thou it still keeps the feel of the old game. The old one seemed like it set in set in a mystical-medevil type setting where guns would not bearound so adding guns will be diffrent just hopefully not too diffrent e.g shadow the hedgehog basicly sonic with a gun and it was horible compaired to sonic adventure.

That said I will buy it and I will complete it a few times (maybe once will be good ..... but i dought it i like playing the villan)

now we got fabel 2 , Obilvion (both sequals to some of the few rpgs i like) now give us KOTOR 3.
I think the guns will be an interesting improvement to the game. I say improvement because, from what I've seen, the guns don't compromise the older, "fantasy" environment that took up the first. It appears they are like Christopher Columbus-esque knights... Which I don't think is too bad at all.
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