Family Guy: The Video game?

the watcher

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May 3, 2005

Thats right, the Family Guy is coming out with a video game. There is not much info. on this but here is a clip from the game.

Screen shots:
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I'm sure it would be hilarious with the right level of intoxication, but will probably get old pretty fast when you're sober.
not a family guy fan except for the movie but i will most likely get this game it looks like it could be fun.
The Official trailer is up, check it out at the link above.

Note: the trailer is set to the toon of "What I Like About You"-by: The Romantics.
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Okay, I just got the game two days ago. Here are the mission types:

Stewie: Defeatng Bertrum/Collecting power-ups/world domination/shooting/mind control
Peter: Defeating Mr. Velveder/beating everyone up/fighting
Brian: Clearing his name/collecting evidence/stealth

THe game is awsome. Plus, like the show, it has cut scenes. Like: The fire truck Nature special. They are interactive. The game is fun. I give it a:

5/5 stars