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Aug 16, 2005
Note : I did not make any of these unless stated otherwise.

I like looking on youtube for videos of stuff put to other stuff e.g buffy or spider-man.

So I thought it could be fun for anyone else who likes doing this to post some

Smallville - Smallville - Chloe - You Don't See Me

Star wars - how to save a life

Batman begins and Superman returns - this one is by me

I'll posting more over time just thought this could be cool
Harry Osborn: Because of You
Best *******ed video ever made

Song: Collide - Skillet
Anime: Simoun

Song: Collide - Howie Day
Animes: Miramite, Burst Angel, Blood+, Utena, Kannazaki no Miko, Yamitou no Boushi, Madlax

Song: Kiss Me - Six Pence None the Richer
Anime: Strawberry Panic!
This video was made by me. I messed up a little bit near the begining as I didn't count on transitions making the clips sorter.

This video is a simple one. From "Turbo : A power rangers movie" Jason was brought back and turned evil. The video is him fighting tommy. Gold effected footage = Jason's inner struggle as he fights the evil with in. The transitions are used to show the difference between the fight and flashbacks. Black and white old looking clips = Jason's good side winning.

Idea been Tommy knows how it feels to be evil as he started as a ranger that way. He knows how to try and help Jason and save him.

Yes I used wild force footage despite it been after Turbo but I felt it was right.

Power Rangers : Jason & Tommy : How to save a life

Let me know what you think. I know most don't like power rangers anymore but I like the way way video turned out despite a couple of little mistakes.

Awesome jaja.


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