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May 27, 2004
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After picking up and watching (and loving) the Farscape series on DVD, I decided to give the comic book continuation of the show by Boom! Studios a try. I've read the first three mini-series (The End of the Beginning of the End, Strange Detractors, & Gone and Back), the D'Argo trilogy (D'Argo's Lament, D'Argo's Trial, D'Argo's Quest) and the Scorpius series (Let Sleeping Dogs Lie and Glorious Basterds) and I'm extremely pleased with just about every aspect.

The series is plotted by Rockne O'Bannon, the show's creator, so its got the perfect scope and outlook of the TV series, and scripted by Keith RA DeCandido (who did a Farscape novel and a bunch of Farscape short stories) who has a great understanding of the characters and manages to balance character development, adventure, and humor very well. There's an element of Brian K. Vaughan in terms of the pop culture references courtesy of Crichton, but it isn't overbearing as can sometimes be the case with Vaughan's stuff. Besides, the pop culture jokes are a staple of the TV series anyway, and its nice to see that continued here. The humor really does make the book, and I've caught myself chuckling out loud at the book. The last part of the D'Argo trilogy is great, mainly because of the interplay between D'Argo and Raxil (I love that cockney-sounding alien).

The adventures are pretty standard Farscape fare, which to me is perfect. Each arc so far has done a great job of wrapping up hanging plot threads from the series and Peacekeeper Wars (the mini-series which served as the season finale), such as Rygel getting his throne back, etc. There's also plenty of set up for the future, concerning John and Aeryn's son Deke, Chiana and Jothee dealing with D'Argo's death, the return of Sikozu, etc.

The artwork for the most part is great. The covers are beautiful, but the interior art (especially on the first three arcs...I forget the artists' names) is simple, but detailed and spot on to the characters looks, movement, etc. I was less than impressed with the artwork in the Scorpius series and some of the artwork in the ongoing Farscape book, but nothing I can really complain about.

If you ever liked Farscape, in any regard, give this comic a try. It really is surprisingly good (much like Boom!'s Disney and Pixar brand comics, but in a more adult-oriented sense).
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