Fascinating Bookstore Shelf


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On Saturday I was at Walden Books and I saw the greatest thing ever. I **** you not, this is what whas on the shelf:


Next to


I made sure to move them over so that they were both sitting right next to each other, as if they were a combo pack or something.


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watch the next day you'll go back into that store and Mein Kampf will be replaced with Gideon's Bible and your head will explode


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That's great.

When the images were loading, I saw Hilton's face and swore it said "Confessions of Herpes."


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God, can you imagine? If thi were any other century, the internet wouldn't've been around, and we'd never have known this. It's frickin' brilliant.


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What does she have to confess that we don't already know?

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