Favorite ridiculous fan theories

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Aug 24, 2006
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Just a thread for wild fan theories you've seen.

Personally, I'm fond of "the Pokemon TV show is all a coma dream by Ash after he was struck by lightning in the first episode" and "the Marvel Adventures universe is where 616 heroes go when they die."*

*Actually, I like to think this is the case, depending on how angry I am with the direction of 616. It helps that Marvel Adventures is just so much fun.
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Ugh, in terms of LEAST favourites, I'll go with any of the theories from people who just aren't satisfyed by an ending unless it's bittersweet at best. "The narrative of Superbad ends
when they go to bed, and hanging out at the mall with girlfriends is just a dream!".
"It seems to me like Minority Report's
bad guy gets away with it and the whole last section of the movie is just Anderton's virtual reality fantasy in cyber-prison!
After being killed in Mortal Kombat 3, Johnny Cage's eyes were turned white, hence why Johnny hasn't been seen without Sunglasses since!
That theory somebody made about Thor and the hammer and everything about it being some kind of mystic portal or something.

God, that was stupid. ;)
"Tabuu (you know, the final boss of the story mode on Super Smash Bros Brawl) is Dr. Manhattan."

Shame Rorscharch couldn't time his dodges right...

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