Favourite X-Men?

Who's your favourite X-Men member?

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Sep 15, 2004
Who's your favourite X-Men member? I'm just using the team that was in the first trade. Say why you like them too.
I picked Colossus because I like him the most. I don't care if he's gay, I just like the way he is drawn and written and his powers are cool. Hopefully he gets more of a role in the next movie.
First trade I'd have to go with Beast. His character seemed to be one of the better realised ones in the writting, I know people just like that.
I'm just doing it out of the characters in the first arc. You can base it on anywhere during the issues.
I think that Iceman has always been an interesting character, especially in Ultimate. He's a realisitic teenager... He doesn't take too many things seriously, there's an edge to him that reeks of immaturity, there's that whole "nothing can happen to me" mentality, there's humor and sarcasm in his dialogue even in the most serious situations, and he holds his friends closer to heart than his family. I think that Millar and Vaughan (Yes, I'm exlcluding Bendis) did a wonderful job showing all of this and it only seems to be getting better with Iceman!
ProjectX2, Colossus is written enough for you to choose him as your favorite character? He's my favorite character for 616, but he wasn't an option in the Ultimate title because I don't feel I've seen him enough.
I voted for Jean - I just think she's well-written and despite her young age she still seems to be that strong, self-sufficient type. And it looks like Ultimate Nightmare is only adding to that.
I voted for Iceman. I think he's the coolest charcter...(no pun intentded). I always liked his powers.
I voted for Iceman. (Come on, you guys I would vote for Iceman!)
He's always been my favorite X-Men. He acts just like he should. Jokes when the situation doesn't need them, and a cool (pun intended) attitude.

I think that Millar and Vaughan (Yes, I'm exlcluding Bendis) did a wonderful job showing all of this and it only seems to be getting better with Iceman!

Do you mean in action that Bendis did good with Iceman? Because he did not do good in dialogue. Out of his whole run in Ultimate X-Men, Bendis had Iceman say only four words!! And that was in the last issue of "New Mutants".

His exact four words were, "Yow!! Hey! Come on!!". Really, Bendis had Iceman almost as a cameo character, and that I really didnt like.
Not many people like Storm or Cyclops...
I mainly like Colossus because of his powers and the way he looks. I would like him better if there were more stories for him.
Storm was a close second for me...
I picked Colossus for the main fact that I can relate to him the most, second only to Mimic from Exiles. As far as having things in common goes, we have a ton! Except for the whole organic steel thing he does, we could be twins. Well...okay, I'm hispanic, but still!
Yes, Storm was actually up there on my list of favorite characters... Especially now that Bendis and Vaughan have added to her character. I think she is really great. She's got edge, which isn't seen in the X-Men all that much from anyone except for Wolverine and Gambit.

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