Fell (Ellis/Templesmith) [NO SPOILERS]


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Oct 24, 2004
New York, NY
Read the first issue here: ----> http://www.newsarama.com/ImageComics/Fell/Fell01Issue.htm

Then get issues 2-5...

They are 1.99 each for 23 pages (but it doesnt feel like you're being shorted, its still a fantastic read)

It is honestly one of the best things out there right now, and this could very well grow into the next hit underground series...

This or Desolation Jones, but the idea of shorter, denser stories for less moneys has a definite appeal to me.

Who's reading it?
Re: Fell by Warren Ellis (Image Comics)

I'm definitely interested.
Re: Fell by Warren Ellis (Image Comics)

Baxter said:
I know we used to have a thread for this...
We do. But I say we keep this thread for spoiler-free discussion about the basic premise, to encourage newcomers.

We can revive the other thread to discuss content related-stuff, based on later issues e.g. what the Snowtown symbol actually means, how it works, the origin of the neighborhood, speculation about the Nun or Mako's past, etc.
I really enjoy it. And at $1.99 an issue how can you go wrong?

The beauty of it is that while there are a few recurring themes, every issue is totally self contained and you would be able to pick up any given issue and jump right in.

Plus, the bonus material at the end of the book - basically an extended version of Bad Signal - is always an interesting and fun read. He writes a few things about where he got the idea for the story (I believe each story is based on a real-world event or incident).
I love Ellis.

He's doing all these one shots, and yet they're coming together to form a much greater story...

I didn't see the old thread, but yeah... I love this series

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