FF Books Comparisons


Aug 19, 2004
Los Angeles, CA
I've got two questions, with one leading to the other:

1) How do you think the UFF compare to their 616 counterparts? Personally, I was really looking forward to finally picking up a Fantastic Four book, but this series has kinda let me down so far. The idea behind it was fresh and exciting, but I think the plotting is too slow for me.

2) Do you think Marvel is stretching the FF too thin these days? There's the MK 4, the regular Fantastic Four, the UFF, and now the Marvel Age title. That's four books for the same cast of characters.
I prefer the Ultimate book to the others. Waid's book has lost a lot of steam, and MK4 isn't really that good. I don't bother with the Marvel Age book; it's not quite my thing. I don't really know that it's stetched too thin, because the only books that are similar are MK4 and the regular FF. Marvel Age is for a totally different audience, and the Ultimate book is, well, the Ultimate book. That said, I don't think there's a need for 2 FF books, but as long as the MK book is selling, they might as well keep it.
Alright guys just to clear this up: The Marvel Age titles for the FF, Spidey, Hulk and team-Up, are just old stories being re-told for the youth of the world, so they can get into comics.

MK: 4 I think is very good. It's one of my fav. series to collect. The writer is getting A LOT of good attention from it. The reguar FF I dont read cuz I never picked it up. Not saying its bad, just didnt pick it up. The Ult. FF im liking more and more. I like the way the characters are written. They have the "sense" (for the lack of a better word) of the 616 counterparts, but have something that makes them better. For me at least.

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