Final Fantasy Xiii

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Jan 27, 2005
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Screw 12. I want this game. It looks absolutly breathtaking. The fight system looks like it sound be a movie. This alone is worth the 600 dollar price tag. But with MGS4!. I'm sold. I will sell my soul and anybody else's for this. This looks like the best final fantasy yet. I'm so hyped.
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thee great one said:
I will sell my soul and anybody else's for this.

best to sell someone elses. Remember on the simpsons when bart sold his soul to milhouse and so he could not even enjoy itchy and scratchy. you want to enjoy your games!!!

but seriously not a fan of either series and even I am impressed with the new ff and mgs
By the way, there will be 2 Final Fantasy XIII. The regular one that's named just Final Fantasy XIII and an action based game that will be named Final Fantasy Versus XIII.
Same here. I'm also looking forward to both spin-offs; Versus XIII and Agito XIII on the PSP.
*sigh* but still, a 2010 release, because we have to wait for the game to get ported to the 360 for US release. I'm happy that I have a Japanese PS3.
Yeah, waiting's a *****, at least I got good news, that Aligato XIII will be released in the US for the PSP, and Versus XIII is still on schedule for an 09 release.
T-Minus 12 hours 45 minutes.....

Between Plastic Beach and FF13, don't expect me to be productive for a while.
My friend got and early copy. He's been playing since saturday.
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