Finishing the Game (discussion)


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Nov 10, 2005
This move looks like it will be pretty funny.:D

The unexpected death of Bruce Lee, a worldwide phenomenon and established movie star, came at the zenith of his popularity. Having already shot scenes for his upcoming movie GAME OF DEATH, studio heads decided to complete the film by launching a search for his replacement attracting hopefuls from all around the world. FINISHING THE GAME is an uproarious, poignant, unpredictable and action-packed re-imagining of that casting process for Lee’s replacement and examines the leaps and bounds Asians have taken in media representation - or have they?


I'll definitely be seeing this. So will Wade_Wilson.
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Nevermind. After actually watching the trailer, I'm less impressed.

God does not love me.
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Is this movie out yet?

I'm totally looking forward to it.

I'm normally not drawn to 'Asian-American' cinema, but this looks both smart and funny.
How the **** did I miss this?

It looks absolutely hilarious. I'm pretty certain it'll just end up going straight to DVD here.
I just noticed that they have this movie On Demand as a part of IFC's In Theaters thing. After watching the trailer, I really want to see it.


(It's $6 though.)
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I really want to see this. It looks like it could be really good.
I want it to be so good, it will offend me and my family.

Or even better, it will offend the entire Chinese population of the Philippines and their families.
So I just so happened to catch this DVD sitting on my local Blockbuster shelf last week.

I rented it.

And I am pleased to say that it is truly hilarious and a must-see for most comedy/exploitation fans.

"Colored people?"
"Last time I checked, yellow was a color." :lol:

There were just so many laugh out loud moments that it took me 2 viewing to get all the way thru it because I kept running out of air. worth it.

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