Flashpoint characters...

I do wish some aspects of Flashpoint carried over to the mainstream DC.

Namely the Martian Manhunter costume. OK, I don't consider myself a costume aficionado, but hot diggity damn he looks fine.
I just hope Wally West isn't given the boot. It appears that he's the Kid Flash in Teen Titans because of the red hair but I want married happy-go-lucky legacy character Wally that has been so good for thirty years. But I digress.

Another interesting facet of this reboot is how the Justice Society fits into all of this. I know Superman is the first public superhero in this universe though he isn't the first superhuman as Stormwatch has apparently existed for decades in secret. I'd love it if they did a JSA: the Liberty Files style story where the JSA were badass WWII secret operatives.

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