Futurama: Bender's Big Score

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May 3, 2005
Did anyone else get this?.. When I first heard about this I thought it was just a bunch of old episodes put together on one disk. But it's not, it's a full-length New film and it was pretty good. Any fan of the show should get this.

It has just about every character ever on the show (just about, not everyone). It starts off with the Professor telling everyone that they been fired two years ago cause the idiots at the Box Network (with the B sorting out making it look like the word Fox) pulled his licenses. So the Professor tells all of them to get out. As they turn the phone rings it turns out the people at Box that canceled them were fired then beaten, then killed and turn into a pink all-purpose powder. They then celebrate and everything seems fine until Hermes's head was cut off in an accident. He was then put in a glass jar by Lars Leela's new love interest. Hermes's wife can't live with a head so she goes after Barbados Slim.

Everyone says they're there for him, then the Professor come in and says that they have a package to deliver to a Nude Beach Planet. And so they leave Hermes all alone. While at the beach they meet these scammer aliens and send them a bunch of Spam and trick the Professor to sell his company. Also at the nude beach planet it is discovered that Fry has a tattoo of Bender on his but that he never knew he had. It turns out the tattoo is a code when read out the code it causes a orb to appear, it's a time orb allowing the user to go back in time but not return. Some of the span that gets sent to Bender has a virus in it and causes him to obey and do what ever the scammer aliens want. They tell Bender to go back in time and steal the fortunes of the past. Nibbler can't allow this. He calls down all the Nibblobions for help. But they are defeated. Bender goes back and steals everything.

After the Aliens feel they've gotten everything they order Bender to Kill Fry so the code will be lost forever. Fry gets away and goes back to his own time just hours after he got frozen. But he hunger, and the pizza cold so he goes back to when the pizza was hot. As he finishes his past self comes in and they meet. Back in the Future the Aliens tell Bender to go back in time and kill Fry. Bender goes back and gets there before fry comes back and plans on killing him. But Bender gets board and has some of the Beer that the Fry of 1999 left. And for the first time (ever) bender has to go the bathroom. But he knows he might miss Fry. So he goes back and tells his past self to wait while he goes. Fry comes is in and get past the Bender for the 12 min. earlier.

Fry then goes about his life back in the year 2000. But the thing is there are now two Frys one freezes himself and the other lives his life back in the past. Bender destroys the place that the Fry of the past lives in and thinks he killed Fry. After that the aliens don't think they need Bender and kills the virus that controls him. And the aliens trick the President of Earth out of ownership of Earth. Eventually Fry comes back and they and all of Earth fight back and Bender ends up saving the day. All in all it was a good movie… Just so you know I left a lot of stuff out.
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Re: Futrama: Bender's Big Score

this movie was wicked, not as good as most Futurama ep's but the "Holy **** it's new futurama" really made it awesome

and it made fun of Al Gore, everything is better when it makes fun of Al Gore

plus you can watch a full length episode (22 min's) of EVERYBODY LOVES HYPNOTOAD!
Re: Futrama: Bender's Big Score

Thanks to this top I read
Did anyone else get this?.
and stopped reading to straight away go and bit torrent. Holy crap this film was awsome

I'm going to have update my movies of 2007 for this

(anyone notice cartman in the hall of heads?)
Re: Futrama: Bender's Big Score

I wouldnt call it a happy ending...since
thanks to bender the universe got destroyed.

Personaly i loved the scene where hermes lead al the fleet agaisnt the Golden death stars.

even the robot mafia was there.

ANd Al gore's head( i also found out Al gore voices himself)
Re: Futrama: Bender's Big Score

I wish there had been more Zapp Brannigan
Re: Futrama: Bender's Big Score

I think the second half was monumentally better than the first half... I love that they remembered all the little things with Fry's stuff in the past. I definitely figured out who Lars was pretty quickly, but i still liked it over all.

Recommended for anyone who likes them some Futurama.
Re: Futrama: Bender's Big Score

i predicted who Lars was about halfway through the movie

I think I figured it out in his very first scene.

This 'film' was decent, but it was way too overly-complex/convoluted than it needed to be.


I'm kind of disappointed that the Comedy Central episodes are just going to be the features chopped up into 21-minute blocks. :?
Re: Futrama: Bender's Big Score

It's alright.

I got who Lars was straight away and was surprised that it was a 'big reveal'. The first line of his, I knew immediately, it was Billy West's voice. :|

The film was alright, but I got annoyed that it was never revealed where the tattoo comes from. Sure - it's a whole 'pre-destination paradox' thing, but I was expecting to see them actually discover the tattoo and have it stuck on Fry's behind.

But yeah - the Box Network was quite funny, and some of it was quite touching, and some of it was quite clever. Not bad at all.
Re: Futrama: Bender's Big Score

I got who Lars was straight away and was surprised that it was a 'big reveal'. The first line of his, I knew immediately, it was Billy West's voice. :|.

Well, Billy West voices more than one character on the show, so you could recognize it as him but still not know who Lars was, but yeah, I guessed it right away.
Re: Futrama: Bender's Big Score

I figured it out but that made me want to find out HOW he was Lars all that much more
Re: Futrama: Bender's Big Score

I noticed they had the same nose and that Fry's beard was differently colored than his hair, but I didn't get it until after Lars called off the wedding after finding out about the paradox.
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