Woo hoo!

Bender: I'm back baby. Hey, Fox. Bite Me Shiny Metal ***!
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Hey, Futurama has been brought back by Fox and will have new episodes on Comedy Central!...

With an entirely new voice cast!

I guess I won't be watching that anymore.

I bet Fox will replace all the voice actors with Seth McFarlane and Futurama will win an Emmy.

Ign pointed out this :
Variety points out that when negotiations were going badly for new deals with The Simpsons cast several years ago, similar casting inquiries were made for new actors – and obviously, in that case, the original cast did eventually come to terms on a new deal.

So hopefully a deal will be made
We can hope, but Futurama isn't really The Simpsons.
The bottom line on this is that Futurama isn't Futurama without Billy West and Katie Segal (Siegel? I dunno her last name?). If what they were asking for the movie was fair than what they're getting for the series should match. Anything else is an insult.

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