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Doom is officially online for gaming!

PS3: jl_624

Although the only games I've been playing online has been Burnout Paradise (love that Big Surf Island add-on) and Red Dead Redemption.


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putting it here too;

new PSN & GamerTag

PSN: jaggyd
GamerTag: mutantLexi


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I figure I should add mine since I've been playing alot of Transfomers: War for Cybertron online. My PS3 name is RandomMW

I made add my Wii one if I ever used the online and Xbox 360 if I can fix that damn red ring.


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I've got Modern Warfare 2 and Red Dead Redemption. We need to make a posse.


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Does anyone use Game Center (iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad)?

My user name is emills01 - add me.


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YES! JAgamemnon

As the great Dick Cheney once said, "Go **** yourself."

I almost got a PS3 after my 360 broke, but the 360 was a hundred bucks cheaper and I had a whole library of games I'd have to sell for peanuts.

I just hope it doesn't break in another year and a half.

J. Agamemnon

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Gamestop has had some surpirisingly good trade-in deals in the past few weeks. Granted you'll only be able to get one fully priced game or at least two discounted games. I recently got Uncharted 2:GOTY Edition and God of War 3 for 65 bucks. The rerelease of Uncharted 2 only cost me 40 bucks and it comes with avatars, map and expansion packs which totaled about 20-30 bucks if you bought them all separately online. I got lucky with the God of war game.

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