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Feb 7, 2005
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About every year or two I go through my collection to see if anything has turned up of value. most, if not all, comics don't go above the normal cover price and stay that way for a long, long time. however every once in a while we turn up a gem.

we all collect for different reasons, some of us for writing, art, storyline, investment or all of the above.

with that in mind, what are the top 5 Gems of your collection?

1. NYX #3 value: $30-40 first app. of x-23. only about 40,000 print run
2. UNCANNY X-MEN #213 value: 25-30 Mutant Massacre. Psylocke joins
3.DC comics presents # 87 value: $18-24 first app of Superboy Prime
4. BATMAN #426 value $15-20 death in a family part 1
5. Y: THE LAST MAN #2 value $15-20 its the 2nd issue

a good site to find out the current values is there values are on par. you can get a free account and add up 50 comics before you have to upgrade.
Amazing Spider-Man #3, the first appearance of Doctor Octopus. Pretty worn condition. Most of the first hundred+ issues of ASM.

Daredevil #7, where he gets his red costume, plus I think a few from before that. Good condition.

All of Alan Moore's original run on Miracleman.

First edition of Watchmen that I got Dave Gibbons to sign in November '08.

My dad grew up collecting comics so I lucked out.
This is a bit off topic - I had a large comic collection as a kid and teen, into my early twenties - then I sold it to help finance a family trip. As I've gotten older (now 40), I've found that my 'gems' have less to do with monetary value, and more to do with what I've really enjoyed.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not turning down any Amazing Fantasy #15's, but my favourite 'issues' in my (more modest) collection right now are Immortal Iron Fist (every issue, every variant, inc. Immortal Weapons)... what - maybe 40 issues all told, with a total value, I'm sure, of about $100, but it was a title I loved. (I've said before that in case of fire, my IIF Omnibus is what I'd reach for first).

Also my Ultimates and Ultimates 2 issues, including the white Wasp variant of the last issue, and a #1 signed by Mark Millar - again, maybe $150 total (26 issues plus variant, plus signed), but issues I enjoyed more than my old ASM's - which I liked, but kept in plastic and 'collected', rather than 'enjoyed'

Right now its Guardians of the Galaxy. The three titles I've mentioned represent the three comics I've anticipated monthly more than any others, and not been disappointed. These are my 'gems'.
USM #1 (red cover). I paid $250 CAD for it a few years ago when i was living at my parents' place and working and had nothing to really spend my money on. It's probably worth half of that. So about $100-150
ASM # 42 (Face It Tiger, you just hit the jackpot) it has a crease right down the centre of the front cover, but besides that it's in decent condition (no pulled or rolled pages, no tears, not super faded) It's probably worth about $40 in the condition it's in
Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1-40 in really good condition probably worth about $100 for the lot.
ASM #300 (first venom) in really good condition. I bought it in a lot of about 50 ASM comics for about $80, it's worth about $100 by its self.
Secret Wars #1-12 (including #8 where Spidey gets the black suit) The whole set is worth about $60, with #8 being the most valuable at about $30
CGC copy of What If (vol 2) #105 (first appearance of Spider-Girl). Around $100

I also have a bunch of other cool comics that aren't worth anything like the whole "Kraven's Last Hunt" arc, the death of Harry Osborn in Spectacular Spider-Man #200, Peter & MJ's wedding in ASM Annual #21, Web of SM #1 (Spidey separates from the Symbiote in the famous bell tower scene), etc etc.
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Miracleman #15 and Ultimate Spider-Man #1.

I don't really collect issues, so the ones that are most sentimental valuable are all trades (except for my Miracleman issues). Same idea...stuff that I value story-wise that seems to transcend the problems with comics...NEXTWAVE, All-Star Superman, Nightly News, etc.
In terms of monetary value, I don't have any comics that are worth much. I did recently acquire The Shadow #19 by Howard Chaykin where he infamously transplanted the Shadow's head onto the body of a robot (it was the last issue of a very silly series).

I do have a Thunderball souvenir magazine from 1965 that could easily be worth something, although it is a bit worn in some places.
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I am the proud owner of the complete Alan Moore run of Miracleman, and the majority of the Neil Gaiman run...

I also have issues 3 and 4 of Flex Mentallo.
I had bought a box of random comics at a rummage sale a while back, i finished going through it, and found a Werewolf by Night #32, first app. of Moon Knight. not bad for $15 bucks.
FF #48 (first Silver Surfer and Galactus)
Iron Fist #14 (1st Sabretooth)
Uncanny X-Men #101 (plus #98 and #99), 266 (1st Gambit), 129 (1st Kitty Pride)
Avengers Annual #10 (1st Rogue)
Batman #169 (2nd SA Penguin)
Amazing Spider-man #300 (1st Venom), 98 (pretty rough shape).
Wolverine #1,3,4 of the limited series
Just over half of Moore's run on Swamp Thing (including 1st appearance of John Constantine)

I know there are more I am forgetting. I need to get a bunch of this stuff graded because I have been thinking about selling my collection.
My gems I'm not going to bother to value I've sold plenty over the years but the ones I'm listing I 'm not going to sell

Uncanny x-men 94-101 and 137- 335 runs
New Mutants Vol 1 1-100 complete with a very high grade #98 1st Deadpool
X-factor 1-150
X-men 1-155

Fantastic Four #5 in good condition - I do love Dr Doom

Recent ones I have sold.

Walking dead #19 1st michonne sold for £104! So any one who has this in there collection I would cash in now

Walking dead # 27 1st Governer sold for £56. To be honest should have held onto this till the Governer appears in the next series

Journey into mystery 112 first Thor v Hulk. Only got £60 for this which was disappointing but to be honest the comic wasn't that good.

Kick-ass 1-8 sold for £29
Superior 1-7 sold for £8 so spot the difference

P.s if anyone has the past few years of x-factor they want too offload I'm the man who needs them.
Haha, oh man. I missed this one. Good for me!

Yeah, so I just picked up Amazing Spider-Man #121 & 122 on ebay. Death of Gwen Stacy, guys!

$400 later...

Stan Lee just signed at Motor City Comic Con a few weeks ago, and the guy that owns the LCS I go to picked up #122, had it signed by Stan, and took it immediately to the CGC table to have it grade. Apparently (I didn't know this) they set up at signing booths so people can do that because they can verify the signature and it gets a special certification.

Recently added gems: all of the Mind MGMT issues. #1 is only worth about $40 but I busted my butt to track it down.

I've been on the hunt for FF #23 and Fantastic Four $605. Not worth much in money, but they are wonderful stories. Hopefully Hickman appears at C2E2 or something and I can get them signed.

Eventually I'll starting hunting for Alias #22 and #23, which I absolutely love. Those are the Jessica Jones origin issues.
I'd rather have it signed by Gerry Conway and Gil Kane, since they were the creative team then. But I have some older comics I wouldn't mind getting signed by Stan. ASM #39 - when it was first revealed that the Green Goblin was Norman, and ASM #42 - the first full appearance of MJ (it's the "Face it Tiger, you just hit the jackpot" issue).
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