Gold Rush Alaska series discussion


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Dec 29, 2004
Boston, Massachusetts
GOLD RUSH ALASKA is a reality show on the Discovery Channel.

Meet Jack Hoffman:

Jack Hoffman is a gold digger looking for gold in the mythical glory hole (clip starts at 1:19 and ends at 2:16):

The search for gold in the glory hole continues:

Jack Hoffman is about to come... to the end of his glory hole experiment:

The best content ever is from the season (not series!) finale, but the picture quality is awful and the sound quality is the worst, so turn your YT volume and speakers all the way up, and lean in to hear. Trust me, it's worth it:

Thought that was it? Nope, there was a post-finale special where Jack's men had to come to grips with just what went down in the glory hole:

I can't wait for Season 2.
That's a lot of video you got there. I love the show it's very entertaining and you learn quite a bit about gold digging
Yeah, I'm a big fan of this show.

I only got into it during the back end of the season and it was difficult to catch up, but you just have to thrust your way in. It's really informative once you get going and Jack Hoffman has become a personal hero of mine, really represents everything I believe in. I'd love to visit that glory hole myself some day. Despite how rough it looked, it seemed like everyone walked away satisfied, if a bit messy.

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