Got a book you want to support? Let's swap comics!


Jun 30, 2004
Are you a fan of a comic that you strongly feel deserves more readers, but it seems few are willing to give it a try?

Us fans of Doom Patrol will "swap comics" with you!

A reader of Doom Patrol will promise to try an issue of any title you feel needs more attention. Any genre, any publisher. In return we would like you to try an issue of Doom Patrol. We then post reader reviews of your book that may encourage the many thousands of viewers on our forum to try it on their own. For details and to sign up, please go here:

In case you feel there is little chance that you would enjoy the new Doom Patrol, check out these five-star reviews of the book:

*"Trying" means buying the comic from a retailer. No actual exchange of comics takes place between readers.
You know, if it was Tom Peyer's Doom Patrol from a few years ago I'd be all over this, but I just can't get into Byrne's run. Sorry mate.
Tom Peyer and Tom Grummet were once talking about wanting the opportunity to work on the Fantastic Four. DP and FF have some notable similarites.
And I too was mistaken. Karl Kesel and Tom Grummet have been trying to do FF for years, and by coincidence the newest solicitation for the FF has their names in the credits (the issues right after Waid leaves.)

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