Gotham Girls


Face-Punching As Foreign Policy
I saw this a while back. It was.....................cute.

No other term for it.

Yeah that is true. I love the harvy & Ivy together episodes :lol:

Yeah I think this was first around in 2002 (might be wrong) But I loved it. I hear people talk about the JLU/S:TAS/B:TAS universe and no one mentions Gotham Girls but I think It's same universe (at least same art kinda) so I wanted to give this the respect it deserves.

Also Last episode creates a kind-of-cool , New character

Ultimate Houde

UC's Resident Genetic Recombinator
Yeah, I watched these awhile back, written by Paul Dini, and Bruce Timm did the art for it I think.

It was just Paul's way of writing all the girls in one episode again.

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