Green-Lantern: Russia's Wonderwall


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Feb 26, 2016
Amsterdam; New Jersey
A holiday-season Lantern-yarn about recent news-stories about real-Earth 'troubles' for my suggestion that I (simply) missed my readings/writings on the Comic Board. Happy Thanksgiving all (and thanks for reading),



Hal Jordan had traveled all the way to Russia during the Ukraine-invasion, hoping to serve as an 'invisible' vigilante-force of power-ring engaged administrations of social/street life-securities advocacy in a new millennium of great 'incomplete-distances' to globalism-rhetoric confidence, as terrorism, piracy, eco-pollution, and wars threatened an erosion of Earth-chess rhetoric concerning historic chances to use commerce/exchange as an antidote to anathemas of antisocial overground activity, even those semi-invisible! Hal Jordan knew he'd use his special green power-ring of magnetism-like hologram-density manifestations of incredible magical weaponry and devices to intervene like a faerie/angel during this crisis of 'troubles' in Eastern Europe. While Russian forces advanced on this Invasion agenda in Ukraine following the annexation of the territory of Crimea, the Western-world leaders had condemned the questionable 'deed' for power(s) with embargo-statements for examination(s).

LANTERN (Hal): To erect this Wonderwall-IQ for Euro-bonds invokes our 'heat' for chess-shares!

Well, it turns out this micro-crusade in Europe during the Invasion of Ukraine by Hal Jordan ('Green-Lantern') would be touted in the modern social media 'environment' as a high-hand write for the quality of commerce/traffic securities-work for lifestyle maintenance in globalism-rhetoric surroundings to distance the human world from the dark ideations of 'manmade' psychological hellmouths. Would Green Lantern's cause for a special and fantastic Eastern European Wonderwall of greatness offer people the visions of power-ring hologram-weaponry to destabilize the leviathan of advancements with machinery creating nothing less than hellraiser-consciousness?

LANTERN (Hal): The securing of the Ukraine bank, tank-suspensions, and citizenry escort with my power-ring extractor device, metal holding net, and gliding air-walkway will offer a 'decent' social media 'examination' for things reflective of fortune-readings of mod-Earth value (for journals!).

Well, according to the cyber-fanzine of Europe reporting on this semi-invisible deeds for heroics and confidence in that part of Earth, by the incredible Lantern (Hal Jordan), this form for 'angel-intervention' for intercessions in capitalism-suspension ultra-violence would offer a special light for the darkness of Eastern European lifestyle paranoia. Perhaps Green-Lantern had found a nifty glowing shine for a mod-Earth image for what'd become a manmade 'troubles' consciousness concerning those 'incomplete-distances' to secured/sane overground transit-bureaucracy. Would Euro-writers consider this special magic a conversational 'miracle' proportional to their nearly-silenced need for outright bonds to end all befuddlement on Earth now?


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