Face-Punching As Foreign Policy
Aug 16, 2005
This is a project I've been mapping out for a while and is something different to anything I have wrote before

Guardians. - Dark lord Rising !


Her name was Kelly Dickinson. At first look there was nothing very special about her. She worked as check out girl in the local Supermarket. She was still wearing her green uniform that hung off in a normal , baggy way.

Her hair was a strawberry blonde colour. Her eyes were a beautiful sky blue. She had just finished a double shift at work. She worked a double shift to make some extra money. She was a single parent and it was her son's 5th birthday in a week so she wanted to get him the new games console he wanted.

Normally she walks through the main streets but she needed to get home fast , and it was a beautiful summers night. So she decided to cut through the park. The park seemed scary at night time to her.

The shadows from trees created the shape of shadows on the path. On the bench she saw a homeless man curled up under newspaper. It was quiet. So quiet she could hear her footsteps pound the path. She could hear her self breath as well. Who wouldn't be a little cheeped out all that?

She stopped for just a second to sit down on a bench. She had been working hard for hours and feet were killing her so she needed a rest from working. She pulled out a cigarette packet and removed a single cigarette. She lifted to her mouth and curled her red lips over the end.

She opened up her handbag and routed through it. She was looking for her lighter but could not seem to find it amongst the many item inside. Had there of been more light to see she could of found it easier. Finally she found it right at the bottom.

She lifted the lighter out of her purse. As she clicked it down the blue and orange flame lit her cigarette. She inhaled the first drag. The first drag always did seem like the best. She removed the cigarette from her mouth and exhaled making some smoke puff out off her luscious red lips.

The smoke left like a beautiful cloud. She stood up from the cold wooden bench as she exhaled. Her mouth was suddenly covered by a cold pale hand. She tried to scream but it was muffled. Her head was jerked to the right.

She felt two sharp stabbing pain in her neck. The man that grabbed her was biting down hard on her neck. He was no ordinary man but instead a vampire. He had creped up silently from behind her and now he had her where he wanted her.

The vampires mouth like all vampires had two long fangs. The fangs pierced the skin on her neck and penetrated the vein. Vampires do this because the vein on the neck is the fastest way to draw blood in a short time. As they entered the vein he sucked as hard as he could.

As it trickled down his throat he sucked more. The taste of blood to humans was disgusting but to a vampire , It was intoxicating. The cigarette fell to the floor as he body became weak. She was not dead but instead in a state of been between life and death.

It was horrible feeling. She could no longer even feel the pain. It was a feeling like she was not really her. She was in her body but could do nothing but watch. Her mind a complete blank. At last he stopped. He let her go from his grip and watcher body collapse on the floor.

Her body landed next to her cigarette. She saw his black boots turn and could see him walking away. She knew she was going to die. Something was nagging in the back of her head. She was going to die because of that man and she had never even seen his face.

She heard foot steps approaching from the side. The footsteps soon stopped next to her. A hand rolled her over so she could see them. There was three people dressed in what looked like military uniform. A woman leaned in close to her.

"It's another code 5. From the cigarette laying next to her , I have to assume the U.D. Is close by." The woman spoke. Her name was JM. She was wearing sunglasses , Which Kelly thought was weird due it been night time.

"Step aside JM." The leader of the team , Captain James spoke. He was African-American male. He had a scar going over his right eye and the eye it's self was covered by an eye patch. His voice sounded very serious and deep.

JM stepped a away from Kelly. Captain James reached in to his holster on his back and pulled out a shotgun. He opened up the barrel to make sure the shells were loaded. He closed it back up. To save on time he carried an autoloader.

He pointed it down at Kelly's head and pulled the trigger. The pellets fired with such force her head exploded on impact. The newest member Rocky looked on in horror. "What the hell Captain. She was still alive. We could of helped her." Rocky said.

Rocky also was wearing sunglasses. He was a pretty muscular male. He had only been assigned to this team resonantly. He was only assigned due to the fact a member of the team died on their last mission.

"Look here rookie , She had a Third Degree bite. That means come sun down tomorrow she would turn in to a U.D. This is a war and you need to understand that." Captain James sternly warned Rocky. Rocky could tell by the look on his face it was best not challenge him on this.

"I didn't sign up to kill innocent people." Rocky thought to himself. Having to accept what he just saw made him sick to his stomach. That woman wasn't an enemy but Captain James treated her as such.

"Boys , we still need to find the U.D " JM reminded them. She pressed a button on the side of her glasses. It activated a scanning unit that could detect the moment of things like Vampires. The radar was like a green circular shape on the lenses of the glasses.

The radar blinked. After a couple of seconds a green dot appeared on the right eye. "It's North west. It appears to be still , Most likely feeding again." She told the others. She reached in to her holster and pulled out the VB-401.

The VB-401 was a red blaster. It was powered by a rare form of Plutonium called Julithum. It operates similarly to a cyclotron in that it produces a high-powered stream of charged particles. However unlike a cyclotron the charged particles the VB-401 produces are prefect replica of sunlight.. It was designed to be the perfect weapon to use on Vampires. It also had a small switch on the back that when flipped , Made it so it could fire a red beam of light that could hurt non-vampires.

"She's right let's move out." Captain James said lifting up his arm and signalling which way to go. As the moved quickly through the park , They gripped their VB-401 tight ready to fire on sight. This was Rocky's first mission.

They slowed down where the blip was. There was no sign of the Vampire. "Keep your eyes peeled. He has to be close by." Captain James whispered. Rocky suddenly felt a cold hand cover his mouth. He was dragged up fast in to a tree.

Rocky fired off his blaster. The others turned around and saw the top of the trees moving. "Oh **** , It has Rocky." Jm shouted pointing her blaster up at the trees and fired the beam of sunlight. They heard a scream from the vampire as Rocky fell to the floor.

"Thanks." He said pointing his gun up and firing a beam of sunlight. The light looked like a whitish yellow stream of light. To a human it wouldn't hurt but to a Vampire it burnt. Captain James pointed his Shot gun up at the trees and pulled the trigger.

He hopped that the force from the shot would knock the vampire out the tree. He was right. The Vampire fell to the floor with a hole in the middle of his chest. You could see bone , organs and tissue where the pellets blew his chest away.

The Vampire was bleeding badly. Blood was flowing his chest. "You think you are good hunting us like animals. Our time is coming. You wanted a war you'll get one. The dark lord himself is returning. Vlad's army is strong and more are on the way. When he turns your all dead." The Vampire hissed.

It was dressed in black boots , Black pants and wore a brown jacket. It opened up it's jacket showing the inside of the jacket. It had what looked like a bomb on the inside. The jacket had been opened and was lucky the shot gun pellets had not hit the bomb.

"DIE , MOTHER ****ERS." The Vampire shouted pressing a button on the bomb. The bomb started to count down from 10.

"**** , run." Captain James ordered. They started to run as the bomb counted 10 , 9 , 8 , The clock was counting. Finally it reached 0. The bomb detonated in an explosive blast. It was not a giant blast but was big enough to leave a big part of the park destroyed.

The three soldiers were knocked over with the blast. It took them a moment to move. Their hearts were racing. "You guys alright?" Rocky asked.

"I'm fine ," JM replied turning over to her back.

"Yeah , but that was un expected." Captain James replied looking at the smoke. He couldn't see the others within the smoke . He was also taken by that hole scene. It was something no Vampire had done before.
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After the skirmish in the park , The three soldiers returned to their base. It was long silent drive from the park. Each knew what the other was thinking but no one said anything. It had been an unexpected move on the vampires part.

Their van looked like any other car. It didn't look fancy like a sports car or as beat up as an old one. It did how ever hide a secret. The black glass was bullet proof and stopped anyone seeing inside. The body it's self was made out of the same metal you would find in a bomb shelter.

On the inside , the front had two seats and the back had one. The person in the back is sat next to a highly sophisticated communications computer. That person was in charge of talking to the base and keeping an eye on the radar for any unusual activity.

The back also had a weapons case on each side. The weapons cases had everything from Machetes to incalescence detonators. The font had a sophisticated computer as well , It was in front of the passenger. That computer had a lot of functions.

It could at the press of the button release would activate the rocket powered boost. The boost was similar to nitrous oxide but much more powerful and capable of making them reach incredible speeds.

The most impressive buttons on the front had to be the transformation button. This allowed the bottom of the van to inflate for going across water. Something they needed every day to get to the secret base that was on a hidden island.

The out side of the van was painted all black and had a logo on it that read "Guardian's Pizza" So if it was left on a city street it did not draw attention to it's self. Another important factor in keeping their existence secret.

Once they were back at the base they were greeted by General Rodgers. He was an elderly man , Later 50's. He was in amazing shape for his age and you could tell that back in his day , he would have been a ladies man.

His silvery head oh hair and moustache added to his look of seriousness and wisdom. He wore the usual military style pants and boots. His top however was a green shirt with a golden star on it signifying his rank as General.

"ATTENTION!" General Rodgers ordered as they stepped out of the Van. All three soldiers stood at attention. He walked over to them and did not say a word for a minute. Instead he looked each one in the eye , one by one.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU PUNCH OF MAGGOTS THINK ARE DOING? YOU WERE SENT AFTER A VAMPIRE AND YOU BLEW UP A PARK." General Rodgers finally shouted at them. He stood in font of all three of them.


"NEVER REVEAL OUR EXISTENCE , SIR." All three soldiers shouted back in perfect response.

"THEN EXPLAIN WHAT THE **** HAPPENED OUT THERE." General Rodgers yelled looking at his team.

"It wasn't us , Sir. The vampire blew himself up , Sir." Captain James replied looking forward and still standing at attention.

"What do you mean he blew himself up?" General Rodgers asked looking straight in to the eyes of Captain James. He was face to so face. He was so close Captain James could him breath..

"The vampire seemed to be expecting us , Sir. He detonated a bomb he had on the inside of his coat. Before he did it , He was saying , We wanted a war we are getting one. The dark lord Vlad is returning and that Vlad has an army ready to wipe us out , Sir." Captain James explained.

"So , They are going to fight back. If they are making an army and they are all willing to kill themselves like that one in the park. This could be he most serious threat we have ever faced. Go , hit the showers. Then relax for a moment. I'll meet you inside in 2 hours." General Rodgers told them.

As the others saluted and marched off , General Rodgers walked in to his office. His office was as to be expected. He had medals on the wall and photos of him when he was younger in a squadron.

He walked across the wooden floor and sat in his black leather chair. As he sat down he closed his eyes. "So it's come to this? A war." He thought to himself as he opened up his cabinet and started looking through his folders.

He pulled out a file marked "Nazarov , Vlad." He opened it up and started to read through it as well as looking at the photos. This one of the biggest folders in his cabinet and as he was finding it out , with good reason.

After their showers JM and Captain James were sat in the lounge. Captain James was watching the TV and JM sat down next to him. Rocky was in his quarters writing a letter home to his family. He could not mention the Guardians but he could say he was in the army.

"What happened out there earlier? When that Vampire had Rocky you almost froze for a second." She said curiously. Captain James just looked at her for a moment before he responded.

"I didn't freeze." Captain James said to her before looking back at his Television show.

"Yes you did , After everything that has happened you still won't open up to me. I guess you really are the selfish bastard that everyone thinks. " She sounded hurt as she spoke before she just walked away.

Captain James put his head back and he had a look remorse on his face. He sat forward and then rose to his feet. He walked outside after. She was his best friend and the last thing he would want is to hurt her.

She was stood by the edge of the base looking out at the sea. He walked over to her and leaned on the railing next to her. She looked at him for a moment before looking back at the sea once more.

"You're right. I froze. Only for a second while you fire your blaster but I did. I guess the way Rocky was attacked , Reminded me on some level of what happened to Tony. I thought I had lead you in to another mission where our teammate was killed." He said softly. She turned to look at him as he spoke.

"Oh my god , you blame yourself for what happened to Tony , don't you?" JM asked in a shocked voice.

"Everyday." He told her looking away for second.

"You shouldn't , That werewolf caught us all off guard. Our radars can not detect the like we thought. It wasn't your fault , You tried to help him. You did we forget how we got this?" She told him running her finger down his scar softly. He brushed her and away and turned around so his back was facing her.

"You were unconscious , Tony was been savaged by the werewolf. I was in charge. I should of shot it but instead I ran at it. It was a rookie mistake that I should of known better. The fact is as leader I'm responsible. I can not make mistakes. When I do people die." He told her. From tone in his voice she could tell he was upset.

"It caught us off-guard. Your not some comic book superhero. You don't have powers , You can't sense danger. You make mistakes it's part of been human." She smiled at him trying to reassure him.

"But I shouldn't ……. Do me favour? Don't tell one we had this talk. It's important to me that no one sees this side of me." Captain James smiled at her.

"Of course I won't." She told him. She watched as he started to walk away. He stopped in movement and looked back at her and smirked a little,

"Thank you Jennifer." He chuckled a little to himself as he continued walking.

"DON'T CALL ME JENNIFER." She shouted at him as he walked. She always hated her full name Jennifer Miller. She felt it sounded to girly for her. She was always a tomboy even as a girl , Instead of dolls she played with G.I Joes and cars. That's why shortened it to JM.

Rocky smiled as he wrote his letter home. He looked at the photograph and even if he was smiling he had tears in his eyes. He missed his with and daughter and wanted nothing more than to hold them in his arms once.

But he was going to have wait till the holidays. Maybe not even then if the war became too big. He had grown up on his family farm all his life. As a kid he dreamed of playing professional football. Now everything he ever knew was gone.

He was trapped on a man made Island that had a mirrored tinted glass dome over it to hide it from aerial view or even boat sight. The biggest question in his mind after what he had seen that day was "How do they do it? How do the others find the strength to keep going in this war."


The two hours passed and the three soldiers made their way in to the main hall. As they entered the hall they saw something they had never seen before. General Rodgers was stood there but not as confident as he normally is.

His face look worried. General Rodgers was normally the strong type who didn't let thing get to him. Now he looked scared. They knew what ever he had to say was going to be very important. Not just to their mission but also their lives.

They saw three seats in the middle of the hall next to a projector. They moved across the wooden floor to their seats. Each one sat down almost at the same time. They looked forward and saw General Rodgers walk forward with a file.

"I'm glad your all on time. I have been reading over the file on Vlad Nazarov. I have to warn you it's bad. In fact this is the most dangerous foe any of you have ever faced. When you go against him there is a strong chance you will not return." General Rodgers spoke quietly and in a concerned tone.

"Who Is he?" Rocky asked. That question made General Rodgers walk over to the projector. He pulled a photo out of the file and placed on to the projector. He flicked the switch turning the projector on. The projector lit up shining a picture on the wall.

"This is Vlad. He was a Russian dictator back in the 1800's. He was responsible for over 50 , 000 deaths. Then he became a vampire. According to our reports he was mad with power. But as vampire that madness became rage and bloodlust." General Rodgers explained.

He pointed at the picture as spoke. The photo was showed Vlad. He had the usual pale Vampire skin. His hair was long black and silky. His eyes were a twisted green that when you looked in to them you could tell he had no soul.

Vlad was dressed in black boots. His pants were long and black. His jacket however was a red long sleeved Russian style jacket. It had golden buttons and catches signifying his heritage. It also showed that he once had been a rich man as only the rich owned jackets like that.

"It is estimated that in just his first year as a Vampire he killed double the amount he had in his human days. After he became a Vampire he disappeared from Russia after a few months. He showed up in Mongolia.

He was not in Mongolia long. This is file is filled with killings all the was up to 1901." General Rodgers spoke handing them photocopies of the reported killings. They picked them up and started to read through it.

"So in 1901 they stopped him?" JM asked reading up to the end of her copy of the report. The report did not explain what happened to him so JM wanted to know.

"No , In 1901 he joined by Izza. She is possibly as deadly as Vlad himself. She was in an asylum in London. As a small child she killed her entire family. The way she killed people was created a glove that had long blades attached.

He saw something in her and turned her in to a Vampire. According to all paintings over her she is very beautiful. However her beauty is matched only by her blood-lust. Together they went across the globe.

Together they racked up a report over four times as big as Vlad's single one. They even earned themselves the names 'The Dark Lord' and 'The Dark Lady' all Vampires looked to them. They even killed a group of Vampire hunters with ease.

Their Partner Ship lasted until 1940. In 1940 they were joined by another and the Triangle of Darkness was complete. His name is General Luis Bauer. He was a Nazi general during the second world war.

General Luis Bauer he would torture any enemy of the Nazi army. His methods were so sick and twisted that other Nazis thought he had gone too far. We suspect that is why they turned him. He was sick and twisted BEFORE been vampire imagine what he would be like after.

For some unknown reason they all disappeared around 1950. What happened we don't know but if they are back and recruiting an army this is going to be a war the likes of which we have never seen before." General Rodgers told them.

The report lasted hours. General Rodgers tried to cover as much as possible. From killing methods to known strategies. The longer General Rodgers talked the more real it became. This was serious threat and it was only the three of them to stop it.

They were the Guardians. A group that was put together just after the second world war. Originally it was an army but eventually they decreased the numbers to keep it more compact and secret. They do not just deal with Vampire but all forms of demons and supernatural threats that the general public would not want to know.

Not even the world leaders knew what they did just the Guardians were top secret even to them. Over the years they had stopped all kinds of threats to safety of the public. Every night they patrol for Vampires the most common of demons.

Unlike common myths and stories about Vampires they were not half demon half human. The term demon for them is highly incorrect. They are actually Undead (U.D as they nicknamed them.) and was not really spread just from a bite.

When I vampire bites and drinks the blood of a human their saliva mixes with the humans blood. This helps to spread the "Nosferatu virus." It attacks everybody the same way. This is what causes them to be Vampires. It's only what is best described as a lack of soul that allows them to be incorrectly classed as Demon.

The "Nosferatu virus." weakens certain cells in the human body. It gives them an extreme case of photo-sensitivity (Allergic reaction to sunlight.) As well as that it pushed the canines down and extended them creating "fangs".

The muscles in the body becomes tighter and seems to be a lot stronger. This gives them a superhuman strength. Because of the changes it also made them faster and able to leap pretty high in the air.
The heart stops beating and their body comes drained of colour. However they are still alive because the heart is a muscle and has been made stronger. So strong it does not need to pump blood but can allow the minimum flow of blood with out dying.

The only part that could not be explained was their healing factor. It heals them of all wounds and illnesses except for the actual "Nosferatu virus." its self. Some scientists working on the guardians base believe that it could be used to cure cancer and more if they could figure it out.

"Now we need to form a strategy in order……" General Rodgers said but was quickly interrupted by Dr. Sterling.

"I'm sorry to interrupt sir but London , England has been attacked." Dr. Sterling said in a panic. Dr. Sterling was the head of the science division of the Guardians. He was an elderly gentleman with grey hair and a beard to match.

Dr. Sterling was dressed in the usual white lab coat. He was also the guy who had worked on much of their technology , from the Van to the VB-401. He was a genius who had spent over 20 years working for the guardians.

"How bad is it?" General Rodgers turned and ask his friend. His tone was serious but concerned.

"The entire city is on fire. It's filled with vampires. According the news hundreds have been killed. The weird thing is according to our sources Vlad and Luis are no where near the city. The attack is the work of Izza. We believe they are each leading an attack on a different city." Dr. Sterling told them.

"The news? Did they say Vampires? If so our secret is lost." General Rodgers asked his long time friend.

"No , The news think it is drug related." Dr. Sterling answered. His reply made General Rodgers smile a little. At least that was one piece of good news.

"MOUNT UP AND MOVE OUT , TAKE THE HELICOPTER. GO , GO , GO." General Rodgers shouted at his troops. They all stood up and ran out the main hall. This was not a drill. The first part of the war had begun and theses could well be the toughest hours.

They were grabbing their weapons. Their mind fixated on the fact none of them knew what to expect down there. This was harder for Rocky had he only had one other mission at that ended with an explosion in the park.

They were about to head in to a war zone. The burning city of London that was also filled with Vampires. They knew that this time it was very likely they might not of made it out of there alive. The risk was greater than anything they had seen before.

"Good , Luck." General Rodgers said with much sadness in his voice as he watched the roof to the base open up. The blade of the helicopter roared to life. General Rodgers watched on. This was the first time his confidence in the Guardians was gone. But his face didn't show it as he hid it away watching the helicopter leave the base.
Mole, you have this serious thing about vampires, don't you? :D This is, what, your third or fourth story that's featured them in some form or another.
Well, no arguments here....

Better be careful, though. In addition to sending you a copy of Watchmen, I may also have to send you a copy of The Science of Vampires. (Which is quite good, by the way.)

No Watchmen!

But cool , have you had a chance to read through the parts so far? If so what did you think?
Well, aside from the verb tense changes and a few other grammar items, I think it's an interesting idea. The "virus" explanation for the vampiric condition makes sense.

I'm a little surprised that, despite an apparently world-wide vampire infestation, that there are only three or four Guardians, plus some support staff. I would think the organization would need to be much larger. (Especially since tackling vampires is only part of their job.)

It's a pretty good set-up for a story, and there's already some good background on several of your characters. Is this an original story, or are you basing it on someone else's work?
Well, aside from the verb tense changes and a few other grammar items, I think it's an interesting idea. The "virus" explanation for the vampiric condition makes sense.

Yeah i suck at that part.

I'm a little surprised that, despite an apparently world-wide vampire infestation, that there are only three or four Guardians, plus some support staff. I would think the organization would need to be much larger. (Especially since tackling vampires is only part of their job.)

Yeah there is only a few as the problem has not been this big before. also smaller = more secret. (also easier to write :lol: )

It's a pretty good set-up for a story, and there's already some good background on several of your characters. Is this an original story, or are you basing it on someone else's work?

I made it up. Originally it was going be different but i decided I wanted to do a more serious one. that's why things like vampires i've tried to explain scientifically and left out things like holy water and crosses.

after vampire war they will fight other things but i'm hoping to make it more realistic than say a spider-man story. Never wrote something like this before so i thought it would be interesting to do.
Yeah i suck at that part.
Was that meant to be a pun? You know, vampires... suck... :p

that's why things like vampires i've tried to explain scientifically and left out things like holy water and crosses.
If you'd like to read another take on the vampirism-as-virus concept, you might want to have a look at this young adult novel, Peeps, by Scott Westerfeld, or the first "season" of the Vertigo title Bite Club, by Howard Chaykin and Scott Hahn, which reads like The Sopranos, only with vampires.

Neither of them explores the quasi-military response as extensively as you do -- in fact, the focus is squarely on the vampires' perspective -- but they might give you some added perspectives on how to write more "down-to-earth" vampire stories.
Well, aside from the verb tense changes and a few other grammar items, I think it's an interesting idea. The "virus" explanation for the vampiric condition makes sense.

I'm a little surprised that, despite an apparently world-wide vampire infestation, that there are only three or four Guardians, plus some support staff. I would think the organization would need to be much larger. (Especially since tackling vampires is only part of their job.)

It's a pretty good set-up for a story, and there's already some good background on several of your characters. Is this an original story, or are you basing it on someone else's work?

Yeah i suck at that part.
Uh, no, actually, you don't, which was my point. It's a perfectly reasonable explanation, and doesn't need a lot of detail to work.

If you'd like to read another take on the vampirism-as-virus concept, you might want to have a look at this young adult novel, Peeps, by Scott Westerfeld [snip].
I can also recommend this one. Peeps is an original and imaginative novel about vampirism. Just do yourself a favor and don't read it while you're eating. Seriously.

There's also a sequel: The Last Days
Uh, no, actually, you don't, which was my point. It's a perfectly reasonable explanation, and doesn't need a lot of detail to work.

No i meant I sucked at Gramma and verbs.

And thanks for the recommendations Seldes and compound , I will check them out sometime.

Note : I'm disappointed in part of this chapter and I wanted to do it another way but needed to do it this way to set something up.


As the helicopter flew towards London. The Guardians noticed a thick black cloud covering London. "Damn , We have lost the advantage I hoped we had." Captain James told them looking surprised and worried.

"What advantage? " Rocky asked. He was thinking to himself how could they possibly have an advantage when they are entering a city filled with Vampires.

"I hoped the daylight would make it easier to kill them. But now I realise that's why they set the city on fire. The smoke from city has formed that big thick black cloud making it impossible for daylight to get through." Captain James explained.

"We can't even see the city just a cloud how will we land?" JM asked looking down as the helicopter was directly above the thick black cloud of smoke.

"We don't. We wouldn't survive that. Grab what weapons you can. We parachute in. "Captain James answered. A look of concern quickly spread across JM.'s face. She looked down once more then back at Captain James.

"Agreed. That's the best way." She answered. She did not feel safe doing that but she trusted Captain James enough to know that if said it was the best way , then it was.

"Wait , We are going to parachute down where we can't see , To a city completely on fire and over run with Vampires? Am the only one who thinks this is a really bad idea?" Rocky asked. He was scared and rightfully so. He was after all still new to this.

"Rookie shut up. I know your scared we probably all are. But stick on your night vision goggles and parachute, Grab a weapon and lets go." Captain James spoke putting his parachute on to his back.

Down below the chaos was been lead by Izza. The complete carnage that had taken over the city was a true testament to her insanity and bloodlust. The worst part of this entire thing was this was her leading. You couldn't help but wonder what if she was joined by Vlad and General Luis.

"Follow me." Captain James said jumping out of the helicopter. He chose to jump first to reassure the others that he had confidence in his strategy.

"Right behind you." JM shouted jumping out after Captain James. Rocky looked on nervously from inside seeing her jump.

"I don't suppose this is the time to mention I have a fear of heights." Rocky said closing his eyes and jumping out of the helicopter. It was not in his files but it was true. Rocky had always been afraid of heights. Fear was running through his body as he fell towards the ground.

"Deploy the parachute." Captain James ordered. Pulling on his release. His round parachute deployed straight away. The others quickly did the same.
The reason they used round parachutes is they give no lift when deployed. The large arge dome-shaped canopies that were now all that stopped them hitting the ground and dying , Looked similar in shape to a Jelly fish.

All they could see as they passed through the cloud was green due to their night vision goggles been on. They covered both eyes and wrapped around the back of the head to make sure they did not fall off unexpectedly.

As they landed on the floor they wasted no time in removing their parachutes. Rocky held on tight on to his VB-401. JM was carrying a Minigun that had been designed for the guardians. It was lightweight but extremely bulky. Captain James carried his shotgun , His favourite weapon.

"Where are they?" Rocky asked. Turning towards the others.

"We can't tell. I wish they had added that tracker in to these night vision.

"When we make it back to base you can recommend it. But for now lets walk." Captain James told them as he started moving forward. The others followed behind him. Slowly they moved through the empty street.

Cars were upside down or completely destroyed. Buildings were either on fire or had burnt out. There was no sign of the Vampire threat anywhere. Something that was starting to worry them. "Help me." they heard a voice saying from inside one of the burning buildings.

"That sound's like a child." JM said. She followed the cry in to a burning building. This time the others followed her inside. They made their way up the stairs to where the cry for help were coming from.

In the corner of room they saw small girl. No older than eight crying as the room was on fire. "We need to save her." JM told the others.

"I'm on it." Captain James said leaping heroically through the flames and to the girl. He stuck out his hand for the girl to grab a hold. The girl looked up at and grabbed a hold of his hand getting to her feet.

"Don't be scared we'll get you to safety." Captain James smiled at her.

"T..thank you. But I'm not the one who needs saving." The girl said pouncing on Captain James. The force of it knocked him backwards crashing through the weakened floor. Both the girl and Captain James landed hard in the room below.

"What the ****?" Rocky said seeing this. He was in shock at the hell had just happened.

Captain James reached for his shotgun that lay on the floor next to him. "Mommy always said guns are bad." The girl smirked showing her fangs. She jumped on to Captain James pinning him to the floor.

She tilted his head to the side and lowered her mouth over towards his neck. Rocky fired his VB-401 sending a beam of sunlight in to the child's head. The girl jumped away in pain. To the corner of the room out of sight from the people above.

Captain James rolled over and grabbed his shotgun. The girl hissed in the gun as he pointed it at her and pulled the trigger. The force of the shot blew the girls head away. The girls. Blood and part of her brain splattered against the wall as she collapsed to the floor.

She was dead. Decapitation of any form kills a vampire just like too much sunlight or anything going through the heart. Captain James got his feet and turned walking outside. The others soon followed suit,

"That was just wrong. Why would they turn a child. She was just a child." JM said with tears in her eyes. Having known her for years Captain James could not believe she was crying, That had gotten to her on a level nothing else had.

"It's ok." Captain James told her. He put his arm around her in a hug. She smiled in the embrace of her best friend.

"Um….guys. I hate to disturb you but.." Rocky said looking down the street. They turned to see what he was looking at and saw an gang of Vampires walking towards them. They turned around seeing another gang approaching from behind.

"Lets do this." JM said. Captain James smiled seeing her grip her minigun. This was the JM he knew the one that would channel her pain into combat. She started it up and barrel of the gun started to turn.

It fired multiple bullets very quickly. The blasts coming from minigun hit vampire after vampire. Even though it was not killing them it felt good to just unload her rage in her shooting. Captain James turned to the gang coming towards them from behind.

He smiled pulling out of his pouch a incalescence detonator. Incalescence detonators are high powered grenades that on impact released a high pressured rubber glue that made it stick to it's target.

He threw it letting go of the grip to make sure it wouldn't stick to the thrower. The grenade flew through the air sticking to one of the vampire's chest. He pressed the detonator in his hand. The incalescence detonator gave off a massive explosion.

The force of the blast exploded all the vampires near it. Their limbs and burning flesh looked like they filled the end of the street. The buildings near it collapsed with the blast it was so powerful. Probably the most powerful grenade created.

Rocky turned to the vampires JM was shooting and fired his VB-401. The beam of artificial sunlight hit any Vampires on the floor. It held the beam steady until they burst in to flames. The small of burning flesh from both the incalescence detonator and the artificial sunlight filled the air.

They stood their victorious as the Vampires ha been killed. It was not over though and they knew it. There was more Vampires around the city. "Guardians." A voice hissed from the roof tops.

The saw a woman jump down. They looked at her and saw that she had pale skin. Thick almost crazy looking black air. She was dressed in a sexy green and black on piece costume , Black sandals that strapped up her leg. and on her right hand she wore one black glove with 3 long sharp blades. It was Izza!.


"You hurt my pets." Izza pouted mockingly looking around at the vampires they had killed. Their parts and burnt corpses filled the street.

"Where's Vlad." Captain James asked her. She looked back at him with a smirk on her face.

"Wouldn't you like to know." She laughed and quickly swung her claw at Captain James. Captain James ducked under her attack rolling out of the way on the floor. When he stopped rolling he was crouched down with his shotgun in hand.

"Well , I'm sure you and he will reunite in hell." Captain James said in deep voice pulling the trigger on his shotgun. He shot it in a perfect head shot. The force of it blew all the flesh and tissue off her face leaving just the Skull.

Izza collapsed to the floor. Captain James looked at the others. "And General Rodgers was worried?" He smirked looking at them. The others looked back shocked at how easy it was but they were also impressed by how calm Captain James was.

The Guardians turned around. They had to find any other vampire threat that was terrorising the city. So far this mission had not been as bad as they first thought but as they knew things can and most likely would get worse.

As they gripped their weapons and walked away , Izza sat up. Her face and hair had returned to her skull. She slowly got up to her feet and watched them walking. Her beautiful face had an evil and sinister smile on it as she licked her lips.

The Guardians stood still for a second looking around. They were searching for any sign that their enemy was close. JM looked back to where they had been. Her face turned to a look of horror.

"Her body …… It's gone." JM said looking back at the street. All the corpses were still at the ends but she could see Izza's had gone from sight. The other two turned around and saw she was telling the truth.

"Then where is she….." Rocky asked looking around. He saw a shadow moving on the roof tops. He pointed his VB-401 up at roof to take the shot. Izza jumped down from behind them. She hacked down as hard as she could with her razor claws.

They were so sharp it cut straight through Rocky's arm. It cut almost instantly through the skin , tissue , muscle and bone. His arm fell to the floor before he even felt it. Then pain set in all at once.

Rocky screamed in pain as he fell to the floor. He pressed his other hand over the stump that was left. The stump was no more than an inch from the shoulder. The others turned around. JM went to fire the minigun. Izza sliced the barrel off of it and grabbed her by the throat.
Izza stuck her claw straight in to Jm's chest. Captain James aimed his shotgun to fire it. He suddenly felt a tight rope around his neck chocking him as it lifted him from the ground. He dropped his weapon as he tried to pull it off.

It was no good he was dragged up to the roof top where Rocky had been aiming. He saw a man dressed in world war 2 style Nazi uniform. It was General Luis Bauer they had learned about. He smiled as he but a cloth over Captain James's mouth and nose.

The cloth was soaked in chloroform. Captain James couldn't help but fall a sleep. General Luis whispered "Sleep tight Guardian. When you wake up we start the torture." General Luis licked Captain James's face as he whispered.

Izza pulled the claw out of Jm's chest. JM fell the floor holding her chest trying to stop the bleeding. JM saw Rocky laying on the floor his arm next to him. She noticed Captain James had disappeared. Tears filled her eyes as she started to realise they failed.

Rocky removed his hand and reached for his VB-401 that he dropped when his arm was sliced off. He was in unbelievable pain but he reached down inside himself and the strength to grab his VB-401.

Izza looked directly at him and smirked as walked over to him. She quickly kicked the VB-401 out his hand making it slide across the floor. "That's not very nice now was it.?" She laughed looking down at the fallen solder.

She lifted her foot up and pressed down on his neck hard chocking him. "Why? Why don't you just give up? I've clearly beaten you." She said pressing down harder. Rocky couldn't breath as he tried to lift her leg off him.

"Give up now and I'll let you live….. As my slave." She laughed lifting her foot of his throat and putting it an inch above his face. "Kiss it and admit defeat." She laughed psychotically. Rocky tried to move out the way but she kept following him.

"No? Your loss." She haid placing back on his throat. She was pressing harder than before this time trying to kill him from the pressure. Rocky started closing his eyes. He was loosing consciousness.

A loud honking nose could be heard. Izza looked up. As she looked up a big-rig hit her. It was driving fast as it hit her knocking her off Rocky. He saw the bottom of the truck pass over his face. The door opened up as the driver jumped out.

The driver rolled as they hit the floor. The driver was wearing a pair of black leather pants. Big black boots. A black-shirt and a leather jacket. They looked like a person who would ride a motor bike and even had red helmet complete with black eye piece over it.

The big-rig continued going forward to the end of the street crashing through the wall of the building at the end. The building collapsed on top of it. The big-rig exploded in a giant blast that was bigger than the incalescence detonator explosion.

"Is…is it over?" JM asked looking at the Driver as they stood up.

"Doubtful." A deep hard to distinguish voice said from under the helmet. The stranger looked down at Rocky and pulled him to his feet.

"Who are you?" Rocky asked looking in to the visor on the helmet.

"The names Sam. I'll tell you more later. We need to get you two back to your base." Sam told them.

"No , We need to find Captain James." JM told Sam.

"NO , You need medical attention and more weapons. I'll get you out side the city so your helicopter can pick you back up." Sam said helping JM back to her feet. JM hated leaving her friend behind but Sam was right.

Sam walked over to Motorbike. "Get on." Sam told them helping Rocky on to the front and then getting on so there was just enough room left for JM to get on. JM got on holding on Sam tight. Sam leaned forward grabbing the handles.

Sam started the bike up. It quickly speeded up driving off. They going to leave the city but still Jm's mind was still on her friend. She didn't care about her own pain but just about Captain James.

They had known each other since high school. They both joined the Army at the same time and they were both picked to be in the Guardians together. Even if she told him the fact was she was in love with him.

He had never been one for sharing his feelings so she was never sure if he felt the same way. Just before they left for this mission he had opened up for the first time in a long time. Now she didn't even know where he was.

The building that had collapsed on top of the big-rig was engulfed in flames. The rubble started to move. A skinless , skeleton hand lifted from the rubble. It pulled it's self up out of the fire. A skeleton looked on out of the fire as it crawled out.

When it was out of the fire slowly tissue and muscle started to form over it. The skeleton roared in pain as it was returning to normal. It was Izza. She stood as she took her normal form. Her beautiful , smooth skinned naked body stood there in the street.

Her face was look of pure rage as she looked up the street. She started to walk forward feeling the hot hard floor beneath her feet as she walked. He claw and clothes destroyed in fire but she could always make or get more. But the pain of regenerating her body however was the worst she had ever felt and she wanted revenge.

The Guardians and Sam made it to the outside of the city. JM pulled her comminator out of her pouch, It was a black mobile phone looking piece of equipment that could only comminate with the base and other comminators using a frequency only available using their equipment.

"JM to base …. Jam to base we need a helicopter fast." She said weakly over the comminator. Rocky was unconscious from the pain. He couldn't hold out for too long he needed medical help soon or he was going to die.
Jm's wound was bad but she was able to move around with it. No one spoke as they waited for the helicopter. There was nothing they could say. For the first time the Guardians had failed a mission and because of their failure the vampire threat was going to spread.


The helicopter arrived with medics on board. General Rodgers was also board. That was weird as he never left the base. General Rodgers looked out. "Who's your friend?" He asked JM as the medics lifted Rocky on board.

"This is Sam. If he hadn't helped us we would of died out there." JM said holding her chest still in pain from having the blades stuck in her chest.

"Is this true?" General Rodgers asked.

"Yes. I did my part but their friend didn't make it." Sam told General Rodgers. Sam's voice was still muffled under the helmet. General Rodgers pulled out a scanner and quickly scanned up and down Sam.

"Body signs are normal , Your not a vampire. Well congratulations boy , You've just been chosen to join the Guardians." General Rodgers said extending his hand for Sam to step on board.

"I'm not going anywhere with out my bike. It's important to me." Sam said looking straight at General Rodgers.

"Then get it on board and let's go." General Rodgers commanded. Sam nodded and rolled the bike in to the cargo bay on the helicopter. General Rodgers smiled as he watched. A normal civilian had saved his team of elite demon hunters. He had to have someone like that on his team.

Sam took General Rodgers's hand and was pulled up into the helicopter. Sam walked over and sat next to JM. JM held Rock's hand tight as the medics helped stop the belled as much as they could.

"Your boyfriend will be ok." Sam said to JM. JM looked back at Sam and shook her head.

"I don't have a boyfriend." She explained.

"Really? So you're not seeing anyone? Good." Sam said. Again JM turned to Sam and looked shocked.

"I … now's not the time to try and flirt with me." JM explained quickly shutting down Sam's attempts to flirt.

General Rodgers laughed a little to himself and shook his head. His face then turned to a look of loss and sadness. "What happened down there?" He asked. JM sadly started to explain everything that happened.
Elsewhere Captain James opened his eyes. He tried to move but then noticed his hand and feet were shackled down making movement impossible. He hung there swinging a little bit back and forth. He had his cloths removed and was completely naked. Felling the cold air on his bare skin.

He looked up towards the door hearing footsteps."Ahhh , see your awake." General Luis Bauer smiled ias he stepped through the door. His eyes showed no emotion like all vampires but his mouth had a look of pure sinister intentions with his devilish grin.

"The chains really necessary *******. If you're going to kill me just kill me." Captain James said looking at his Nazi captor.

"Who said anything about killing you? First we are going to play a nice game of torture the soldier." General Luis laughed walking closer to Captain James.

"Kinky , But your not my type" Captain James responded with a smirk. He didn't know what was going to happen to him but he was going to try his best not give General Luis the satisfaction of seeing him scared.

"Funny , You are a funny man." General Luis said in his German accent. He reached to the side and grabbed a lead pipe. He held his hand for just a second before swinging it hard in to the side of Captain James. The force was so hard it cracked one of his ribs.

Captain James screamed in pain as General Luis smiled swinging the pipe again. This time it was in between his legs hitting his genitals. Captain James screamed harder the pain was almost too much handle. General Luis laughed enjoying every second.

Back at the base the others had returned and Rocky was in the operating room of the base getting his arm seen too. JM had her chest stitched up and there was no sign of personal damage.

"Now Sam we need to get you in uniform." General Rodgers explained.

"I don't do uniforms." Sam answered under the helmet having not took it off the entire time.

"Will you at least except the lightweight armour we have here? You're in look we still have one set of the original one in." General Rodgers smiled. He was taken back by Sam's not wanting to wear uniform but could respect it as from what he knew Sam had no military background.

"That will work. As long as I can keep my normal clothes." Sam told him , turning and walking to the changing rooms with the armour. JM was already in there getting changed in to a fresh uniform. JM looked up and saw Sam enter.

"Hey , how are you finding the base." JM asked Sam a little nervous about getting changed in front of someone who had not long ago tried flirting with her.

"It's ok." Sam said removing the helmet slowly. Sam put the helmet on the side and looked at JM.

"How's your chest?" Sam asked. JM turned and looked at Sam hearing the question.
"My chest is …. You're a woman?" JM said in shock looking at Sam. Indeed JM was correct. Under the helmet there was a beautiful blonde haired woman looking at back at her laughing at the way JM responded to it.

"I'm so , sorry. Back on the helicopter I thought you were flirting with me." JM laughed now knowing Sam was a woman.

"I was. I'm bisexual and I think your hot." Sam replied removing her jacket. Under it she had worn big thick padding and armour for protection. Now she didn't need it anymore. There was awkwardness between them as both girls changed.

With out the padding an amour it was clear Sam had a very attractive , slim body underneath. Once she was changed her black boots and pants looked much better on her. Her jacket more baggy. Under the jacket she wore the normal Mark D armour that the Guardians wore and she got her own tracking sunglasses.

"So , What's your story?" JM asked. Curious about how this woman had come to their rescue.

"I grew up in Covina, California. I lived a typical life and I was a happy girl. One brother a year younger than me and a sister eight years older. My life however changed for ever one September.

We were on a our family vacation. We had a nice cabin by the lake. My father heard a noise out side and went to investigate. We heard him scream and ran out side to see what was wrong. A vampire was feeding off him.

That same vampire killed my entire family. I ran as fast I could as he fed of my brother , the last to die. I ran through the woods as fast as could. Finally I was to tired to run anymore and I fell sleep inside a hollow log.

That ten year old girl died that night as when I came out I was no longer the sweet little girl I had once been. I wanted revenge. A man by the name of Frank Hillard. It was like destiny. He was a demon hunter and taught me everything he knew.

By the time I was 15 I knew a mixture of martial arts styles. I knew how to kill a vampire , how to slay a werewolf , Even how to track a person possessed by a Legion. Once my training was complete I went back to family home and took my father's motorbike.

Frank Hillard tied before my last birthday. Ironically the man who spent his life dedicated to the war on demons died I natural death of cancer. Then when I heard they were planning an attack on London I took my bike and hopped on the first boat to England I could find." Sam explained Telling JM about her past.

Elsewhere Captain James still hung, His body was covered in bruises and cuts from been beaten by General Luis. General Luis was loving every minute. It was a disturbing fact that that General Luis was getting sexual pleasure from torturing Captain James.

"Now , Let me see if I have this right. The Guardians have designed weapons that actually produce sunlight to burn us. …… two can play at that game." General Luis smirked pulling a cloth off his table.
On it he was a blow torch. General Luis laughed as he started up the flame and slowly walking towards Captain James. His pace was almost deliberate as if he wanted the thought of what was about to happen spread through Captain James's mind.

On the base. "JM , SAM REPORT TO THE MAIN DECK NOW." General Rodgers's voice boomed over the speakers. Both girls looked up and walked out to the main deck where General Rodgers was waiting for them.

"Sam's a woman? …..but anyway I've got some news for you. Due to the increased casualties in this war changes need to be made. JM you are been promoted to the level of Captain and will take over as leader until we find Captain James.

The base is been expanded opening up the old rooms from when we had larger numbers. Starting tomorrow I want you and Rocky to train Sam and new recruits we are getting. Due to shortage the new recruits will use the older armour.

The mark C armour to be exact. However a new weapon has been worked on for the recruits. The VB-402. It will have new features such as a scope. This is so they spend less time getting use to the design of the gun as it looks similar to a regular gun.

Sam you will use the same gun the regular team. This is because you were drafted based on skills and not because there was an emergency. Many more changes are planned and in a few months we will strike back harder than ever." General Rodgers explained.

"Will rocky be able to help after his accident. " Captain JM asked.

"Yes , As we speak he is getting the latest in a new experimental cybernetic arm. He'll be be back on his feet in days." General Rodgers answered. Captain JM could tell theses changes were going to be serious business. The war was far from over.

To be continued ……… (End of first arc)

The Guardians Strike Back!

Four months have passed since the Guardians suffered their loss in London. There has been many changes like General Rodgers said there would be. New equipment more advanced to help them in the "Vampiric Wars." As this war has been called.

Captain JM has risen to the role of leader very well. She is not 100% sure about her leadership skills. On the one hand the new recruits have been trained well. On the other hand Captain James is still missing. She finds it hard to cope with the fact he very well could be dead or turned.

Rocky is like a different person. All he had wanted was to go home after the war and hold his wife and daughter in his arms. That was taken from him. His new cybernetic arm was hard to adjust to. Both physically and mentally but he was holding up the best he could.

Sam was having difficulty accepting that she was on a team now. She kept going off on her own at any chance she could. Often leaving the base and hunting down Vampires in bars or clubs or anywhere she could. In fact Captain JM often viewed her as a "hot-head" or "loose cannon."

They didn't want to get too big too fast so they only got four new recruits. They seemed to adjust to the new mission well but they were far from the perfect team. Each one of them had different personalities and that was sometimes the hardest thing to deal with.

The youngest of the new recruits was Tyrone. He was the younger brother of Captain James which was one of the reasons he was picked. He was only 18 years old but he really wanted to prove he could help get his brother back.

Unlike the others who wore the mark C armour , Tyrone wore a little more than the others. He wore a protective crotch piece and a two extra pieces covering his thighs. This was ordered by General Rodgers to help Tyrone stay safe.

The other male new recruit was Luke. He wore a baseball cap instead of helmet. He reminded Captain JM of her missing friend Captain James. He was tall , muscular but kept himself quiet most of the time. Though his enjoyment at the idea of killing Vampires worried the others.

His name was Luke. The reason he was aggressive in battle but quiet the rest of the time , was a new drug he was secretly taking. It was like a more powerful form of steroids. He felt he needed the drugs to be best and compete with others.

The third new member was a young African-American girl named Kisha. She was tough tom-boy similar to JM in that respect but different in that to her , her mission was her life. She had grown up on the streets , Living on the streets until she joined the army she experienced first hand what the Vampire threat can do.

Her and her friends use to keep watch while others slept to protect each other from the menace that stalked the streets at night. General Rodgers hand picked her knowing her background it would be easier for to adapt to the Guardians. Her dedication to the cause would also help a lot,
Last there was Lisa. She was red-headed woman from France. There she did not come from the army. Instead she came from a group of mercenaries. Her team knew of the existence of demons and had dealt with some before. How ever they were in it just for the money.

She accepted the invitation to join the Guardians as she believed the war on demons was more important than money. Unlike the other women of the team she was not as much of a tom-boy. She new she was beautiful and often used that to her advantage. Her choice to use Mark B armour showed that as the Mark B highlighted her cleavage the way she wore it.

The team was standing at attention when General Rodgers walked over to them. His face was a look of concern and worry as he knew he was about to send his team in to warzone and worried that they might not be ready. After all the last time ended badly in London and he did not want it to end that way again.

"You stand here before me today. Not as men , not as women. But as Guardians. I have resonantly found the area in Germany where Captain James is been held. It is a small village in the east of the country.

We lost London , the city is completely destroyed but they are rebuilding it as we speak. I don't want us to loose again. This mission will hopefully lead to us finding the location of the Vampiric Terrorist known as Vlad.

There is no going back. If we loose this the entire war could be lost. If will loose there will be no tomorrow. Our information informs us that General Luis has a small base there with very few vampires. This is perfect as we can stop them and take any information they have as well securing the safe return of Captain James." General Rodgers spoke loudly. Not shouting as this was a speech purely to motivate and inform.

"We won't let you don't Sir." Captain JM saluted as she marched to the helicopter. The others marched behind her. Fear was in their hearts but none of them showed it as they boarded the helicopter. Their weapons in hand as they took their seats.

"It's been four months. Are you ready to tell us where your base is.?" General Luis asked looking in to the eye of Captain James. Captain James hung there in shackles. His body was scared and burnt. Bruises and cuts showed all over his body. He had been given just enough food and water to survive but that was it.

"When I get free , I'm going to kill you." Captain James said in a harsh tone spitting in to the face of General Luis. The spit hit his left eyebrow and hung off it. General Luis had never tortured someone this long before they gave up. He was fascinated by it and was enjoying it more because of it.

The helicopter had taken off and was on it's way to Germany. Tyrone kept looking at Sam. She turned her head looking at him. As she did he looked way. He was trying to pretend he wasn't looking at her. Sam smirked a little as she looked back at the door.

"You nervous?" Captain JM asked looking at Kisha. She could not help but smile as she looked. Kisha reminded her of her when she was first a Guardian. Kisha turned her head looking at Captain JM.

"I'm fine Captain." Kisha answered turning her head away once more. The truth was she was nervous ,they all were but they were all hiding it. They felt if they admitted they would somehow look weaker in the eyes of their peers.

Lisa sat there holding her gun. Rocky looked at her. He couldn't help but keep his eye on her breasts that were highlighted by the way she wore the armour. She knew he was looking at her and she loved it.

Lisa finally looked at him. "I have a face , you know." Spoke in sensual , French accent. Rocky actually blushed a little as he heard her say that , quickly looking up. She smirked deviously at him as he looked up.

Luke sat quietly holding his gun. He did not look at the others or even listen to any of convocations that were going on around him. His mind was only on the mission and the war they fighting. He wondered if they could actually win it.

"Sam …" Tyrone said nervously. He couldn't finish his sentence he was so intimidated by asking her out. Sam looked at him and smiled kindly.

"What is it sweetie" She said looking at him.

"I was wondering if ….. If maybe you wanted to go do something when this is finished. Like go watch a movie or something." He asked her blushing as he asked. She smiled at the question. Tyrone was a nice guy , the type who never asked out her as she was labelled as a bad girl.

"Sure , That sounds fun." She was only 22 so there was only 4 years between them. She really felt like exploring where this could lead. She didn't find him as attractive as she did Captain JM but he was still handsome in a understated type of way.

Tyrone smiled. He honestly thought a woman as sexy and as cool as Sam would never go out with a guy like him. His smile soon disappeared as he looked out the window. His mind going back to his brother. If anything happened to him Tyrone would have no family.

That was the reason Captain James was always the tough guy. Their parents died when they young. Captain James had to grow up fast acting as a parent to his little brother. It was Hard for Tyrone when Captain James left him to join the army but Tyrone knew it was important.

His example lead to Tyrone joining the army. There was no one he looked up to more than his brother and In some way he hoped that he might be put in the squad as his brother. That was not to be though as by the time Tyrone joined the army his brother was in the Guardians.

The helicopter started to land. They braced them selves as this was it. It was time for the mission. Their hearts pounded as the helicopter slowly descended landing about 5 miles outside of the village. There was no going back for them.

The doors to their helicopter opened up creating a ramp as it fell to the floor. They all stood up at the same time and took a deep breath before slowly walking outside. They all had their weapons in weapons in hand.

They had made it. Now their mission was about to start and hopefully it could turn the tide of the war in their favour. If they failed the war was truly lost to them as they would get no other chance for victory but this.

8 #

They walked down the ramp walking in to the tall grass below. Their guns were held tight as they crouched down. They were walking to the village. They had landed a few miles from the village so the walk was going to be a fairly long one.

Captain JM lifted up her hand to tell them to stop. They stopped still looking forward. The village was in sight but in the distance. She clicked a button on her sunglasses , starting the scanning unit on them.

The green circular shapes on the lenses of the glasses starting going around like a radar. The radar blinked and after a few seconds green dots appeared on the lenses of the eyes. Each dot was a Vampire her scanning unit was picking up.

"There is a few U.Ds near the village. I think our biggest problem though will be the U.Ds I can pick up in the grass. If one of those spot us which I think they will. The entire mission could be blown." She whispered to the others.

"If I had my bike I could ride past them all in seconds , Get to village and kick ***." Sam replied to Captain JM. Captain JM looked at her with a serious look on her face.

"Yes but then you would have them all attack you at once when you went to free Captain James." Captain JM told her.

"So? Unlike you I'm not spoilt little girl playing G.I. Jane. I've been handling Vampires for years. That's right vampires not U.Ds or whatever name you people want to use so you can deal with the fact this is real." Sam spoke getting angry at how slow the team mission was going.

"You know what , Don't start again , Not now. I'm really not in the mood to deal with you been the hot head when my friend needs our help. But knowing you , you probably don't know what a friend is." Captain JM said getting in Sam's face.

Sam slapped Captain JM hard across the face as she said "You *****." to Captain JM. Captain JM looked at her holding her cheek. She pushed Sam down to the floor hard. She started pulling Sam's blonde hair. Sam rolled her over pulling Captain Jm's helmet off to pull her hair.

"Is it wrong to be getting turned on by this?" Rocky whispered to Luke. They laughed watching the two girls go at it in what could only be described as a cat-fight. The two girls got to their feet. Captain JM went to slap Sam. Sam ducked under it and came back punching Captain JM hard in the face.

Captain JM fell backwards. As she landed on the floor the others could see her lip was cut from the punch. Sam lifted up her leg putting her booted foot on to Captain Jm's throat. Captain JM tried to get her off but couldn't

Sam pressed down harder chocking her and pointed her gun down at Captain Jm's face. "Enough of this. Face it , you don't deserve to be Captain I'm better than you and beat you. If we didn't have this mission to do I wouldn't think twice about pulling this trigger." She said getting off her.

Captain JM got up and looked at Sam angry. Sam had clearly defeated and it would be pointless to continue this fight. After all Captain JM knew Sam was right about one thing. They did have a mission to do. She wiped her lip a bit and picked up her gun.

"Lets go." Lisa said walking past the two girls who had been fighting. The others looked at each other and followed her lead. Sam and Captain JM looked at each other. Before turning and walking with the others as a team again.

Their relationship was a weird one. Sam was in love with Captain JM but at the same time she hated her due to their differences. Captain JM respected Sam an knew she owed her , her life. But the differences made Captain JM hate her too.

"I see a U.D , 10 o'clock." Tyrone said seeing the head of a Vampire sticking out of the grass in front. He pointed his VB-402 at the vampire. Tyrone looked through the scope on it. He zoomed in with it until he had the perfect head shot.

"Permission to take shot Captain." He said with his finger resting on the trigger.

"Do it." Captain Jm told him. He pulled the trigger in releasing a beam of artificial sunlight. The beam hit the back of the Vampire and with in a second the Vampire caught on fire. Head shots were the best for the sunlight as the Vampires hair helped it catch on fire more quickly.

"Nice shot." Sam smiled at him. He looked at her and smiled. Captain JM gave the signal to continue moving. Suddenly she stopped , and turned around quickly.

"I just got a U.D reading moving behind us. I think we are been stalked." She said as she looked around quickly. In the grass crouched down a vampire watched them silently , staking it's prey. It was crouched to remain hidden in the tall grass.

The Vampire leaped forward of the grass at the Guardians. Kisha fired her VB-402 at the Vampire as it was in the air. By the time the vampire hit the floor it was a flaming corpse. Kisha smirked down at it.

"Nice try." She laughed. The others were impressed by her quick response thought it had dived from where she was looking it was still impressive to of shot it that fast. Rocky looked at Captain JM and nodded.

The nod was to show they were impressed the response of these rookies. It was their first mission and so far they had handled themselves well. It was a great addition to the team and helped it feel more elite.

Inside the village Captain James looked at General Luis. General Luis was sat down taking a break from the torture and listening to the radio. "Has the prisoner told you anything yet General?" a Russian voice asked over the radio.
"Not yet Master but he will." General Luis replied. By the way General Luis called him master it was obvious to Captain James he was talking to Vlad Nazarov , The leader of the Vampire army.

"Not , to worry , the Guardians are just children playing solider. The bomb is ready and will be dropped in a matter of days." Vlad's voice spoke. Captain James looked on in horror. He wanted to know what bomb Vlad talking about.

"Good , The Red Island prison won't know what it." General Luis laughed.

"No , then they will all be turned in an army. Thanks to research I've stolen we have mastered the Nosferatu virus. You will be at my side when he finally show this world who is the dominate species." Vlad laughed evilly.

Captain James realised what they were going to do. They were going to drop a bomb filled with Nosferatu virus on the red island Prison. Red Island prison was a secret maximum security prison. Red Island it's self was an island near Australia that the governments of the world sent their most dangerous criminals.

People so deadly it was deemed unsafe to let them stay in a prison filled with murders , thieves , rapists and more. If they were turned in to vampires then they would be even more lethal. Captain James thought that if that happened not even the guardians could stop them.

Back outside , Guardians had reached the village. "Sam , Tyrone , Kisha , and Luke , You need to take out the U.D's in the village causing a distraction. Rocky , Lisa and Myself are going to get Captain James. According the heat levels the only human besides us in that building over there" Captain JM said pointing in the direction the reading on her scanner had told her.

"All those vampires against just us? Sounds Fun." Sam smirked a little gripping her gun.

"Let us get closer to the building then when I signal attack. Your attack should draw them all to you and leave General Luis for us. " Captain JM told them. She was about to move forward when Sam grabbed her shoulder.

"Before you go off and do your G.I. Jane act , I want to say I was wrong about you. You do deserve to be Captain and this is a good plan." Sam smiled at her.

"Thank you." Captain JM smiled at her and nodded as she said it.

"You two going to kiss and make up?" Rocky asked. Almost at the same time they turned and gave him an angry look.

"Do you have to make those comments?" Captain JM asked him.

"Yes , we all have our thing. Sam is bi-sexual tough tom-boy , You are the female solider who acts tough but secretly has a soft kind side , Captain James has the tough guy thing. Even the rookies have their thing.

Mine is jokes. It use to be the new guy but that was taken from me , With out me making my jokes what I am? Just a freak with a robot arm." He smiled back at her. She liked seeing him like this he was more like old self. Since the loss of his arm he had become distant but been out in battle again seems to of help him relax in some small way. She laughed at him before leading the mission forward to the building.

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