Halloween 2009


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It's very much a shoe-string budget thing, so don't expect the kind of freakish professionalism you see at comic-cons and stuff, but I'm hoping it'll turn out to be something special.

In the mean time, I guess this thread should be about various costume ideas and Halloween stories, etc. It's always a very memorable time of year and people always have photos and stuff from various years, so discuss away.
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I'll be moving into my house, so nothing happening on Halloween for me.

Most likely I'll do something the weekend before though.


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I am going to wear tan pants, a tan long sleeve shirt and a red knit hat and go as a match stick. I will post pictures as soon as I get the long sleeve shirt and hat


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Many years ago, I was feeling particularly lazy, but still wanted a costume. So i wore a black dress shirt, black pants, and a white belt.

I was an oreo.

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I tend to go as a Wolfman, before the full moon rises.

One year I actually snuck a wolfman costume into the house. And when I came out wearing it, got a laugh.

Or I grow a goat, and come as Evil Houde.