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May 27, 2004
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Trailer for new Halo game coming next year. I know a lot of people are worn out on the series, I know I was. But I'm looking forward to seeing what changes are in store now that 343 Industries are developing the game (as opposed to Bungie). Of course, 343 Industries is a bunch of former Bungie employees, so maybe there won't be any changes (or worthwhile ones, anyway).

But, that being said, 5 years without Master Chief is a long time. ODST and Reach were both pretty disappointing (but so was Halo 3), so I'm hoping that this new beginning to a new trilogy will offer that expected breath of fresh air. New enemies, new weapons, new vehicles, and most importantly new gameplay. The trailer is pretty standard Halo fare, but I enjoyed it:

Halo 4 - Trailer

Also like that they numbered the game instead of giving it some cliched half-truth of a title. Very glad this wasn't called something ridiculously retarded like "Halo - Redemption"...that single fact alone helps propel the game to the forefront of interest for me...even though its a pretty lame reason in and of itself. What can I say, I'm a simpleton.

Also, apparently the original Halo will get a remake called Halo: Combat Evolved - Anniversary (there's that cliched subtitle after all!) thats basically the original Halo with updated graphics. YAWN.

This trailer is lame, but if you're interested, here it is:

Halo: Combat Evolved - Anniversary - Trailer
I only found out about this yesterday and was blown away. The Halo story needs another proper installment; the end of 3 was nowhere near as climactic as it could've been and the whole game having only two settings - Mombasa and the Ark - made it feel a lot smaller and shorter than the epic 2. The gameplay was excellent though, and I really did enjoy the experience. I also thought Reach was pretty great.... anyway, I'm psyched for this. Hopefully it'll be the start of new trilogy with a proper, well-planned story that rivals LOTR in epicness like 3 should have.

My only complaint is that every version of that trailer on the net so far is way too quiet. The bombastic teaser for 3 brought tears to my eyes.
I only really care about this game because it has some of the level designers from Metroid Prime working on it.

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