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May 27, 2004
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I sold all my Heroclix earlier this year, only to start buying up all these Halo Action Clix (both made by Wizkids). The main difference between the games is Halo Action Clix is faster paced and involves vehicles (including the HUGE Covenant Scarab tank), and the sculpts are much more detailed.

Some new collection pics, now with SCARAB!!! I just picked up the Scarab today, so now my collection is complete (at least until the Banshee comes out next month)! To fill up the dining room table, I used both Scarab Destroyed Base Maps, as well as the Hunter and Warthog maps. It turned out really well, with the roads lining up even with the Hunter map. These pics turned out awesome, check them out:

Covenant & Scarab (Full)

UNSC (Full)

UNSC (Side)

Covenant Brutes, Jackals, Drone

Covenant Elites, Grunts

Hunters, the Flood, and Master Chief face off...


Covenant Scarab:



Prophet, Honor Guards on Scarab

The Flood vs. Sentinel

And the old pics (pre-Scarab):

Full Collection Shot

The UNSC: Master Chief, Cortana, Sergeant Johnson, ODSTs, Marines, Warthog

The Covenant: The Arbiter, Sesa Refumee, Tartarus, The Prophet of Regret, Honor Guards, Hunters, Elites, Brutes, Jackals, Grunts, Drone

Sentinel; The Flood: Elite, Marine, Carrier, Infection
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The Scarab looks great!

I always wished I could've gotten into Clix more than I did.

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