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May 27, 2004
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A new Halo game (besides Halo 3) for the Xbox 360 thats in the works was revealed at the X06 (annual Microsoft media briefing) earlier this week:

Halo Wars Official Site

Instead of a first person shooter, this one is a RTS (real time strategy) and takes place in the early days of the Human and Covenant War, some twenty years before the first Halo game. The trailer looks really good.
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Yeah this game looks good.

Three halo games coming over next year

-halo 3
-halo war
-Peter Jackson's halo movie based game.
My brother was trying to tell me something about this, but I was at work so I mostly ignored him.

Haven't seen the trailer yet, but hopefully it's as good as the Halo games.
Yeah this game looks good.

Three halo games coming over next year

-halo 3
-halo war
-Peter Jackson's halo movie based game.

The Peter Jackson Halo game may or may not be based on the movie. As a matter of fact, at the X06 show (where Halo Wars was announced), it was said Peter Jackson would be working on the "next chapter" in the Halo universe. This leaves it pretty wide open, so it very well could merely be a game based off the movie, but if so it would require the movie itself to be quite different (storyline wise anyway) from the games, so as not to just have a situation of them releasing a game based off a movie based off a game. Thats the definition of a rehash. This is especially true due to Bungie's committment to the Halo continuity and story...they'd probably be the first to tell you its a stupid idea, at least without totally separating the movie Halo universe and the game Halo universe. This could be the case, but all indicators and info so far seem to be Peter Jackson's Halo projects (both the movie and game) would tie in neatly to the already established Halo continuity (which would still hold true if the movie is merely a faithful adaptation of the first Halo, and the new game is a new storyline).


Found this on Gamespot which describes the details of Peter Jackson's plans for his own Halo projects:

Gamespot said:
8:05: Moore says there's a partnership that will deliver completely new stories to Xbox Live. Microsoft Game Studios introduces Lord of the Rings director and Halo executive producer Peter Jackson. Jackson takes the stage to hollers and loud applause. He says the first project has been in the works for about a year. He talks about a "not quite a game, not quite a film" experience. He wants to take stories that could become films but maybe won't, and bring them into the world of games.

8:06: The game will be based on Halo!!! It's not Halo 4, and it's not the film, but it will be based in the world of Halo. It will NOT be a traditional game. Is this the much-rumored "Forerunner" game?

8:07: Jackson speaks! "Instead of making a film, we [will] make a form of entertainment that you can watch and enjoy like you would a film," but with interactive elements, he says. Jackson thinks the technology is to the point where games and film can blend, "and the fun of this is going to be figuring out where they can blend." He says it won't be especially for the hardcore game crowd. Moore says this means Microsoft is working on Halo beyond the movie, and Bungie is working on content beyond Halo 3. There will also be an all-new series based on stories from Jackson and Walsh.

And then this about Halo Wars itself:

8:07: Moore brings Chris Lewis back to the stage to help close the show. Lewis says it's been an amazing night of announcements, and he says it's "very clear" that the 360 is leading the next generation of entertainment. Oh, and "One last thing..." he says, apparently forgetting something. Riiiiight. Here it comes.

8:09: A trailer begins. There's a Warthog from Halo. Lots of them. They're tearing through a barren field with a few Scorpions. Another group of space marines is under attack. The Covenant wipes out the last of that group and prepares for the incoming Warthogs. A full-scale battle erupts, with tons of vehicles left and right. Spartan Group Omega shows up. "If they want war, we'll give 'em war." A logo for "Halo Wars" appears. The game is apparently a real-time strategy title for the Xbox 360 EXCLUSIVELY. Its official Web site (Halo Wars) is now live.

8:10: The show's over.
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Holy Crap!!! This game looks soooooo cool!!!

That was one of the best trailers I've seen in a while.
Wow, not a big fan of the game but I loved the trailer. Used to play FF11 and if it's online in the same sense, I would be all over that like a puppy on a dry leg.
Wow, not a big fan of the game but I loved the trailer. Used to play FF11 and if it's online in the same sense, I would be all over that like a puppy on a dry leg.


Well, its a strategy game as opposed to a first person shooter like the other Halo games. So keep in mind, it'll probably not be the same type of gameplay FF11 is. More like Age of Empires or Warcraft, just with better graphics and gameplay (safely assumed).
Its worth mentioning that the original Halo on the first Xbox was originally conceived as a RTS, just like this game. I think this game is going to show the franchise can be just as successful in the RTS realm as it was in the FPS...well, maybe not that successful, but I think it'll do alright. :wink:
So this arrived on my doorstep last night (pre-ordered from Amazon). After watching Lost I popped it in and played it for a good 3 or 4 hours straight. Lots of fun. I've only finished about half the campaign (I'm stuck on the Scarab level), but I'm looking forward to trying out co-op, multiplayer, and Vs. matches against the AI. A very enjoyable and worthy game for us Halo fans.

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