Hawkeye Theory? (Ultimates 2 spoilers)


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Mar 22, 2005
Hey, I've been on holiday for a week, but before I left, a lot of the talk going around was saying that somewhere in the Annual alludes to the fact that Hawkeye was rescued, supporting the whole Quicksilver thing.

Is this still the common belief? I haven't gotten the annual yet due to lack of time, but I want to know whats happening to Ultimate John Wayne.
Johnny Bravo said:
Nothing at all in the annual about that.In fact its between the two arcs.

Yeah, the Annual takes place during the "Six weeks later" time jump towards the beginning of Ultimates 2 #7. This is due to Hawkeye showing up in the Annual in action against the big radioactive monster thing, and the Defenders scene in which Nighthawk has a neckbrace on due to the events of Ultimates 2 #6.
Well, I for one still believe that Hawkeye will make it out of this alive. He is the most Bad ***** Ultimate out there. The rest of them have their super-destructo powers, and what's he got, a frickin' bow & arrow. And he still hits it up with the big boys. I believe he is a necessity to keeping the Ultimates as realistic as possible.
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