Heroes Volume 5: Redemption (Spoilers)

Apparently Heroes ended last night (does anyone even watch it anymore?) and I just read a great interview with Tim Kring by the AV Club. Amusing quotes include:

"Well, fortunately, I don't read. Or watch TV. Or go to the movies. Or go out very much."

"We'll take an idea from the guy who gets our coffee, you know?"
(does anyone even watch it anymore?)

I was wondering the same thing. I have about 4 episodes to go from season 4 and I haven't seen any of season 5. I never read/hear anything about it anymore.

It ended last night for this season, or the show is completely over?
It hasn't been confirmed as returning yet, but they ended it with a Volume 6 teaser, Brave New World.

The villain for this season, Samuel was pretty cool. He had a bit of a Magneto vibe going on about him. A charismatic leader rallying the minority of metapeople together, and tbh was a bit of a bastard.
I have no clue how I feel about Heroes.

On one hand, the comic geek in me loves seeing special powers each week. It's just such a guilty pleasure...even something as simple the telekinesis. But on the other hand, the plot is always the same. Claire is always the same....Petrelli is always the same....it's just so boring. Hiro is always the same, but at least he's likable enough to where the character monotony isn't annoying.

Although, I could've sworn that the public was made aware of the Specials in the previous season with the task forces and all that?

I think the show will last one more season, but after that....no more.
Unfortunately, this will be replaced by THE CAPE and NO ORDINARY FAMILY which sound crap. NO ORDINARY FAMILY stars Michael Chiklis and sounds like a rip-off of the Fantastic Four, while the Cape sounds like a superhero cliche. So, yippee.

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