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Apr 14, 2005
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I decided to give this one a read through, not knowing anything about it, figured it was about Frankenstein Jr. going to high school with the Werewolf or something. Man, I was wrong.

It starts with the action, a group of friends killing zombies making their way toi the roof of the school. There, we go into a little of the exposition on how this intrepid trio got here, and then the main character's best friend get's eaten by zombies, and they rush out to find a new hiding spot. We get introduced to several new characters, the bratty snob girl, the athletic girl, the nerd boy, a sexy nurse and so on. From there we go into the town and find out the whole world is in the grip of zombies.

The story is so far predictable. How low will people go in their morals to stay safe from the zombies. How willing are people to kill their own beloved that are attacking them,m so on and so forth, then out of nowhere there's naked boobies, which is unneeded in the story in my opinion, but oh well.

World War Z did a better job at this type of telling. Seriously, that book has ruined all other zombie stories for me.

But hey, you got five minutes, check this out.
I read the first couple of chapters to this awhile ago. It was okay not great but not awful.

I think I remember McCheese hating this one though.
No. I can't bring myself to listen to Houde.

Though I watched the first episode of the anime to get a feel for it. Wasn't feeling it.

I was pretty bored by it until about ch. 7, once the other Claymores and Awakend Beings get introduced things really pick up. I really like it now, if you're ever bored you should check it out.
This anime has just started too. The animation is very nice and really bring the B-movie violence well, but it'd be a lot better if they turned down the fanservice,oh well, par for the course I guess.
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The anime is a massive guilty pleasure of mine, is the manga worth checking out?

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