HITCHING A RIDE: 5 Questions With...Bryan Hitch


Teh Sexy Monkey Queen
Jul 24, 2004
The World of Icelandia.
[IMGL]http://ultimatecentral.com/images/news-bhitch01.jpg[/IMGL] See what Bryan Hitch has to say when Wizard comes along and asks 5 questions about his work on Ultimates 2.

"Bryan Hitch knows he’s made you wait. He knows how you’ve missed his to-die-for pencils and writer Mark Millar’s superb stories in the top-selling Ultimates title, but Hitch also knows the wait is now over.

After a year long absence, Hitch and Millar returned with Ultimates Vol. 2 last month. The 12-issue series, which picks up a year after the first volume’s conclusion, focuses on the trial of the Hulk, the real origin of Thor and how the Ultimates affect world politics. We tracked down Hitch at his London studio to find out which characters he’s redesigning, why Millar’s his chosen life-partner and (especially) what the hell took so long!"

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Hitch's married, right? :lol:

Also, he really did do a good job of yanking our chains... Still, I think he's talking about Thor in those two issues with action in it.