Holy ****! The Bumbot!


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He was on Colbert Report!

It's this crazy robot made out of, like, a squirt gun and a grill and a speaker and a camera that this haggard looking mother****er remotely controls as it patrols a few blocks downtown and squirts dealers and hobos. I don't normally have any reason to go downtown. Downtown Atlanta sucks ass; but my buddy told me about the **** so we went to check it out, and it took a few hours driving around to find it. It's ****ing crazy. The mother****er's huge. It's a giant robot patrolling the streets of downtown Atlanta. I have never encountered anything so insane in my life.

and now it has national coverage.

I'm terrified.



Edit: I found a picture.
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It's started. We are giving the machines too much power and control. This bumbot thing is only a step away from

Which is only a few steps away from

When will we learn!

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