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Jun 14, 2006
I know there are other threads for apocalypse but they are sort of discontined. I was re-reading Tempest and I noticed that Sinister wanted to experiment on Angel. I have revised my former roster and believe that Sinister, beast, angel, and the pestilence kid.
I still like my idea of Beast (Death), Omega Red (Famine), Multiple Man (Pestilence), and Proteus (War). Allthough I would consider switching MM with the pestilence kid from New Mutants arc. They really didn't utilize him at all and I think he'd be a great character. I think Sinister wouldn't be a horseman because of his failure to Apocalypse. At best he's just an underline of Apocalypse who tries to plot against him. I would rather have Proteus than Angel because he poses such a higher threat to the X-Men.
We should probably tone it down with Apocalypse. I wonder why he has everyone so enthralled right now.
Apocalypse may have become a jobber in 616, but he was originally one of the most dangerous villains!! ::sigh:: I still remember the good ol' days... so I see Ultimate Apocalypse as a way of reclaiming what was, and what shall be again!

My hopefuls are:

Death: Archangel (metal wings, blue skin)
War: Random
Famine: Omega Red
Pestilence: Plague? Sinister? Multiple Man?

I just really want Angel to become Archangel/Death.
one big Question:
MUST The horsemen be the Chosen of Apocalypse?
I'm NOT talking being not related To Apocalypse?
my opinion is to make them well.. the Characters I have in Tell more:

Holocasust(War): A former Captian from israelian Army with the power to
generate and control all kind of heat and Flames
(about the radius of a Room), a Ruthless Sociopath
who is hunted by his own goverment after burning down a
whole village.

Darwin(Famine): A Bulgar who Also is the Spoiled-to-the-core Child of an
Arabian Sheik

Wither (death): an Ukranian mercenary also is a freelance artist has control
of his Powers
P.S. this guy is nuts point and

Slick (pestilence): a beduine Telepath who lakes finese of jean and Xavier

well these four not nice people stumble over an ancient site where they
find some Chambers filled with a strange mist and as sthey step in their powers will be powered-up two steps up the scale
Ultimate Deadpool said:
Death: Archangel (metal wings, blue skin)
War: Random
Famine: Omega Red
Pestilence: Plague? Sinister? Multiple Man?
**** yeah!! But if they go with the whole Survival of the fittests, I dont think he'd limit himself to mutants, he'd go after people like the green goblin or someone

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