Houde admits it!


Teh Sexy Monkey Queen
Proof right here:



Teh Sexy Monkey Queen
It's too late, Houde. You don't have to hide it anymore. Come out the baby hating closet.


The member formerly known as skotti-chan
Actually, the truth is, Sexy Nurse knocked Houde up. She used SCIENCE!


Teh Sexy Monkey Queen
Houde is the new "Junior". Making Doom a tall black version of Danny Devitto.

Victor Von Doom

Fist of teh Internets.
I don't know how I feel about that comparison.

Although I have been known to be sewn into couches and bust out naked during parties.

Ultimate Houde

UC's Resident Genetic Recombinator
I was not playing with your children E, I've told you a hundred times. I wasn't even in Chicago.

And since when is the Canuck one of my clones? Have I missed something?

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