Houde and the Mystery of the Mice

Ultimate Houde

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So, I watched Harry Potter today, then got back and went into my basement to empty the dehumidifier which I do two times a day, and I notice it.

A mouse. And it's staring at me. I wonder why this mouse is even bothering to stick around. I have an old New England style house, the basement is easy enough for mice to get in, but ever since I got the dog, they never stick around for long.

I grab the nearest blunt object, and smash the mouse. Which I shouldn't be able to, these things are fast aren't they?

I yell at Sexynurse to throw down some plastic bags. She does, and I collect the dead mouse. It's at this point I see a second. Using the same blunt object, I manage to kill this one. This one tried to run away, but it's back legs weren't working correctly.

Now I hunt. I find three more, two in various dying methods. One hardly moving, the other trying to move it's back legs. I kill them both. Two more plastic bags.

The last one was the oddest. It was dead, but stiff, and not smelling of death. It's been poisoned.

Which makes me wonder. If I found five dead mice in my basement, what's to say there's not more in the surrounded area of my yard. What's to stop my dog from eating one of those.


Stay tuned for Houde to find out who killed the mice.

PS, I cleaned the house like a fiend. Found no mice, no nesting material, and no mouse poop. I also laid out my own poison in case more want to think my house is a safe haven.


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The Three Blind Mice have must've been hurt by you in some way and now they are exacting their revenge.

Ultimate Houde

UC's Resident Genetic Recombinator
Checking this morning I didn't find anymore mice, and nothing had been in the poison.

I really think a neighbor poisoned them, and they got into my house to die.


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There's tons of mice in my apartment. We even had a bat once. We don't kill them, though.

Also just found out that there are mosquitoes with West Nile Virus in the city. FML.

Ultimate Houde

UC's Resident Genetic Recombinator
Next time they should run when I come downstairs, and not be having gross cocaine orgies like they were.

Grocer Man

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My high school had a mouse problem. Mind you, my high school was a bunch of trailers because building hadn't been finished and the board was cheap.
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