How does Apokolips work?


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Aug 3, 2022
How does the whole New Gods thing work?
There is only one Darkseid? If so, are different Darkseid that we usually see like "drones" controlled by him?
Apokolips is the name of the planet, right? But it is located in another dimension/universe, does that have a name?
The dimensions of Apokolips and New Genesis are different, right?
When characters travel to Apokolips do they travel to the place where the "real" Darkseid lives or there is alternate "less real" Apokolips for every Darkseid Avatar?
Basically, Apokolips and New Genesis exist "outside" of the multiverse, potentially all the multiverses.

Initially there was the idea that there was only ever one version of those characters but then writers ended up making "alternative versions" because of course they do.

Eventually they came up with the idea (I think it was Grant Morrison) that basically we have never seen the real versions of Apokolips, New Genesis or any of the characters, that they are so beyond the realms of both our comprehension and the reality of the multiverse that we can't even perceive them.

So basically when we read their stories only read their "interpretations" of their world, and when we see their interactions with characters from the main multiverse what we are seeing is basically like looking at their shadow. Its just an impression of them that can be understood by the characters of that world, rather than what they actually are like.

Thats why we can have a series where the the New Gods are all grim dark omnibeings and then flick the page and see them get in a fight over hostess cakes. Both interpretations are "canon" but they aren't the actual characters, just reflections of those characters based on the rules of that particular universe

Hope that makes sense, its very meta

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