How long has Peter been Spider-Man?


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Jun 25, 2004
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In the latest comic (#63) May says that gwen moved in with them 4 months ago. Gwen moved in with them in #34 in the Public Scrunity arc(volume 5 in the TPB). so between v5 and now 4 months has passed.

In the first Doc Ock arc it was revealed that it was 3 months before that the explosion at osborne industries happened. The second Green Goblin arc happened only a couple days after doc ock got put away therefore between v1 and v4(TPBs) 3 months had passed.

Therefore if we can find out how much time passed between v4(Legacy) and v5(Public Scrunity) we can find out how long hes been spidey for.
I'm interested in opinions on this too, but would like to preempt any answers with a note that Bendis isn't exactly known for keeping with timelines.
Yeah, I'll say... In the current arc, Conners was given one month to show Stark's and three months had gone past and there was Carnage... Where'd he get the money and resourses for that?
I think he just worked with wat he had. Im sure he would have the equiptment if he could work on the Venom suit
It's also interesting to keep up with the timeline because Fury's gonna come looking for Peter when he turns 18. If months are passing by right now, he doensn't have too much longer. It may be a problem that's tackled come #100.
Yes, but in the Venom arc he revealed that he didn't have a driver's permit yet... I don't know the policies for NYC student drivers, but, by then, I would be on my own. The age is still up in the air.
E is right.

He couldn't get it straight in Daredevil or Powers. Hell you'd be lucky if he got timelines straight in one whole arc.

That said, Peter HAS to be seventeen by now... no matter what Bendis says, because there's no way in hell that 'it's only been a few months' since Uncle Ben died during the "Hobgoblin" arc, which is a LONG time after Peter would inconsistently say he was sixteen.

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