How many members speak foreign languages?

foreign languages:
First off: I'm greek who lives in germany and was born in the UK.
(Northampton to be precise)
My knowlegde of these languages as the germans say "in spoken word and writing"
(greek less, it has a bloody orthography)
I'm currently learning spanish (to translate into my family position: knowing less
than FOUR languages means your a loser. Hey my father speaks 7), but
I would also learn: irish, old greek ,may if there's room in the head: sanskrit
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Mekka Lekka Hi Mekka Hiney Ho
Just in case somebody wants to make a LOLgenie, or some graphic used for related pwnage:

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Usted sabe, digo todas las clases de lenguas.

C'est tout à fait facile pour moi, en estimant que je suis un génie.

Ich verwende meine mehrsprachigen Sachkenntnisse, um sich auf den feinen Damen um die Welt zu erholen. Sie lieben meine talentierte Zunge.

Кто говорит, что американцы некультурны!!!

但是严肃的, 学会其它语言高度重要。


Sono sopra a voi stranieri di maledizione ed i vostri diagrammi di malvagità! Non ruberete il mio lavoro ed o la libertà!!!

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