HQ pics?


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Sep 24, 2005
HEY! Does anyone have any high quality ultimate spider-man pics? Especially of carnage! I just wanna make a shirt using transfers but I can't find any good pictures on the internet! Is there a site or anything!? Thanks for any help!
Welcome Mr.Clone sir. Is this a good one...


YES THATS AMAZING! lol Thanks for welcoming me too btw! How nice! If you have any others of like venom thatd be great! I feel bad cause i JUST discovered Ultimate Spiderman like 3 weeks ago! I have always been a Spider-man fan but i saw the new video game coming out and I decided to check it out! ITS SO COOL (and the games great! ) My Ultimate Spider-man collection is still growing lol ( just finished the venom one book 5 )But I just love the re-vamped villians! Very cool. Lol, well thanks again! :D
Hooray! The game is getting comic fans!
Just to let u know....your gonna need a scanner, because u need some HIGH DPI in order for these not to be fuzzy

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